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Thread: Can't connect via WiFi. 🤔

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    Can't connect via WiFi. 🤔

    Anyone else having trouble connecting via WiFi? The game connects and works fine with my 4G data. And yes, my wifi is on AND working! Everything else works fine except for Clash. It just shows a connection error message when I try to log in. I'm not even getting the supercell logo. Help!! 😣😕😣😕😣

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    how slow is your wifi?
    look into wifi settings → maybe something is blocked.

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    The link speed says it's 65 Mbps. It fluctuates every now and then. It normally works fine at that speed. I'm looking into the settings but it's not telling me much. Nothing I think would solve my issue anyways. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, forgetting my wifi and reconnecting, restarting my phone. Nothing is working. It was working fine yesterday so I have no idea why there's a problem today. You can't tell me I'm the only one! 😣
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