Welcome to FarmWarDonators: a clan that has a bit of everything!

We participate in:

  • Clan leagues

  • Clan games

  • Clan wars

We are looking for passionate new players to come and join the FWD family! FWD is both a farming and trophy pushing clan, so you can do whatever you feel like!

It would be preferred if you were older than 16 years of age, but in reality we're just looking for mature, like-minded individuals who just wanna have fun!

The FWD clan has max level troops and spells, as well as max level siege machines.

We have a few very experienced players who are willing to lend advice to anyone who needs it!

In order to join this clan, you MUST have these requirements (nothing less):

  • Max TH9 (Heroes, walls, etc.)
  • A trophy count higher than 2300
  • No war clock.
  • A positive attitude!

Some other prerequisites that would be preferred is that English is your 1st language, your timezone be somewhere close to AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time), and to maintain a donation/receive cycle of at least 500.

If you feel like you could be a great elder or co-leader, then you'll have to prove yourself. Be active, help out with the clan, do well in clan wars, maintain your donation/receive requirements and you're already well on your way!

You can apply by stating in your clan request your:
  • Town Hall Level (9 (MAX) or higher)
  • Level of Heroes
  • You MUST state if you came from the forums, otherwise your request will automatically be denied.

Thanks to all who've made it this far down the post! Hope to see you become a part of the FWD family soon!