Hello there,
First of all I'd like to appologize for the bad quality of the linked video, but its the best I could do on the go before the replay went out of the chat, just mute the video because of the background noises.
Now to the bug: So i was trying to test some different strategies via friendly challenges when all of a sudden the Grand Warden just stooped following my lavahound and loons. Now I am used to the Warden sticking with the cleanup troops but the strange thing is i hadn't placed any minions yet. The Warden just randomly stopped moving and started attacking the buildings around him. I'm not sure if it's becaus of the wall or just a general bug, but i thought I'd let you guys from Supercell know so you can look into it.
Greetings, Evil

Oh ok the video file is too large to add as an attachment so here's the link to the video in my google drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Q2...1ltfJMKdcYFnGN