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Thread: Looking for neighbors.

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    Looking for neighbors.

    Getting back into the game barely a Lvl 43. My tag is #2909C8CLQ

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    BIG HAWKE’S NEST # PYCYPWO9 is a brand new neighbourhood looking for new neighbours to join. You can come check it out or look me up Lazy Farm

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    We are a relaxed hood who will help you get back in to the game with no pressure!

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    We are a new neighborhood, very laid back, usually plays daily,always helpful looking for new neighbors #PYYL8VCC

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    Come check us out! Great group, fun, caring and we help others. I have been with this awesome group for over five years. We have over 100 gold trophies won and yes, I’m bragging 😀. If you opt in to the derby we play 320/400 tasks only. Our neighborhood is awesome! Come check us out! Serious Farming 2. Red emblem with green wheel. 28J980V2

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