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Thread: The Happy Hog - Has Openings

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    The Happy Hog - Has Openings

    The Happy Hog Is a Newer Neighborhood Looking For self sufficient, Active Team Players who are as addicted to the Derby as we are. Our aim is to build up a team of exceptional players that consider the derby Top Priority, and are willing to work hard for the win!

    Please Read The Entire Ad so you are familiar with our rules and game play before requesting to join Our Team.

    We do all tasks at 320 pts for regular derby's and 400 pts for Themed Derby's the extra task is not required unless you mess up. We releases townies for others to pick up for tasks.

    Communication and Teamwork are a MUST! If this isn’t something you are willing to do than this isn’t the right neighborhood for you.

    Level 40 or higher.
    Age requirement: Adult....over 18 (no exceptions)
    Language: Fluent English

    RULES: We basically have just 4 rules.

    1.) Be respectful and polite. Please and Thank You go a long way.

    2.) Give and ask for help equally. If you only request and don’t return the favor, we’ll eventually get tired of that. (The Excessively needy will not be tolerated)

    Derby Rules:
    3.) Derby is Required Most of the time You are expected to finish all tasks at 320 points for regular derby's and 400 points for themed derby's. If you are unable to complete your tasks or don't like the current theme then please opt out BEFORE the derby starts. The Extra task is Not required UNLESS you accidentally take a task below the designated point level, you let a task expire or accidentally trash your task then the Extra task IS required to make up for the mistake.

    There are NO delayed starts, NO task reserving and No out of game messaging to deal with.

    4.) Work your town and release towns people (This is Important) so others will have towns people to pick up for derby tasks.

    Fail to complete all 9 tasks at the designated point level without contacting the Leader or co-leader with good reason and you will be removed from the hood.

    Hope to see you soon!

    The Happy Hog - White pig on a Purple Heart # PPJURCCQ
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