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Thread: Want to enroll in a family of clans.

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    Want to enroll in a family of clans.

    Hello,As I mentioned in the topic,I am not looking for any clan myself instead I need a family for my clan. I am a th11 with royals combined over 100. I have a lvl 14 clan,I left the game for a while and after diving back I am having a hard time recruiting . Thus the need. I don't want to abandon my clan because it took me a whole lot of effort to create it. So if any of your families out there who have more members than clans,I would like to join you. Willing to operate and work together as a unit,I have got some good people with me just not a lot of them so if any of you will have us.
    Edit:I need a family for my clan for those who didn't grasp what I meant.
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    not sure what your trying to say but I'm rebuilding a lvl 16 clan and looking for active members to join and help build it back up if your intrested. We have 4 clans together only 2 are active at the moment
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    Join here! Rebuilding clan desperate for active members. Adding new players daily. War league has been taking a hit due to too many inactives, but we will get our ranks back!!! Our top ranked members are most active, some of us have been in the clan since its creation! Mostly USA but welcome all. Our top members are friendly, helpful, and good donators. After 500 donations, get promoted!! Check us out!

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