Hey! We are the Goonies Gaming Club! What's that? Well, we've got many many players, in many many games, in many clans. S4, Royale, etc! What's our COC Clan name??

》 UK999 《
The gaming Clan tag for it is...

》》 #CUV08G8 《《

Come join us, also join us on DISCORD! To find our other Clan names across the games, with newbies and Legends alike!



》《Goonies Game Club is a great place to connect and hang out with other like minded gamers. Our ever growing community was created on a family friendly foundation that welcomes all gamers, noobs and legends. Civility and respect are core values of the GGC family! ||||

We will see you their! Any questions, just ask! Please, come join us also soon for CWL IN COC! What's it gonna hurt to check out our amazing Clan Families??