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    I am dumping the Derby and turning to the Valley

    Iím dumping the derby and doing the Valley

    Well done have enticed me back to Hay Day with the Valley update.

    I am Level 129 and I had become bored with the monotony of the Derby...I got into the top 200 but then thought it is pointless trying to stay there.

    So, I am dumping the Derby and will concentrate on the Valley when it is running. I have a suspicion they will be difficult to do at the same time, so one has to give! I love decor, so a few exclusive ones would be welcome in the new Valley shop.

    There have been a lot of moans about the update, but I reckon it has the potential to stimulate long time players like myself, who lost interest after level 100.

    Itís a bit buggy at the moment and hopefully those clouds will vanish soon. Perhaps the strangerís trucks will soon turn up on everyoneís game....breaking down and not being able to get help is irritating. And 20 diamonds to fix your own truck is a joke!

    I like the idea of the helping task, but four farmers is a bit much...maybe two or three.

    The fuel of fortune is irritating...throw in a few higher ones ...15 or 20 please! Six or seven fuels are very disheartening. Oh, and 550 suns for a spin of the wheel is taking the mickey! Even 200 is a tad heavy. I have no idea what comes after 550...and I have no intention of finding out.

    All in all I reckon it is a good update...way better than that builder girl that I ignore (she is much too expensive even for high level players!). Itís probably the best update since the Derby...but that is so yesterday now! Lol
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    I also have been looking for a long time for a way get off the derby death march - especially since we have so-called “special” derbies every week now, which disrupt derby play with no chance to recover.

    But is The Valley it? Not sure yet. It’s frustrating and slow and buggy and just when I started seeing some strategy to it, my truck breaks down and I have to wait 2 hours (or pay 20 diamonds - NOT).

    “Rewards” stink too. As does the RNG hell of spinning for fuel. (Random-number-generated)

    As as a Game Specialist I really really REALLY want to stay positive and be motivated to help and support other players. But I just came off a 14 day vacation break (in places without WiFi or time to play) and it was GREAT! I didn’t even bring the device with my farm on it with me.

    So the day after I got home (without opening my farm at all after I got home) and I saw the update in the App Store, I was pretty excited!

    Now I’m frustrated and annoyed at the bugs and the new truck-breakdown element of the game that actively deters progress.

    One of the best things about Hay Day that made it so calming and fun, was that nothing ever died and nothing bad ever happened. You didn’t have to come back and water things obsessively to keep them from dying, and you could play when you wanted for as long as you wanted. If life or illness or toddler kept you away for a while, the game would wait for you as you left it.

    That changed slightly with the derby, but at least you could opt out and play normally otherwise. Nothing bad within the game would happen to you to stop your progress cold.

    Until ... The (cloudy) Valley. Dun-dun- DUNNNN!!

    So - for me the jury is DEFINITELY out. I recognize this is a beta test for the “real” roll-out later. But MANY MAJOR changes to mechanics and features (not just bug fixes) are going to have to happen for me to come back to Cloudy Valley.

    *We should be able to have excess sun points carry over after we earn a fuel spin

    *Those of us who have finally finished all the &$@#*% animals should NOT have one of our big prize slots blocked with puzzle pieces

    *The truck should not break down, but if it must for balance reasons, then your friends should not have to spend their rare gas to come fix it, and there’s should be a reward for them. If no friends are in The Valley (increasingly likely), it should be an option to call on Greg FOR COINS

    *Quests that can generate in 0 seconds should do so

    *Gas should be available in other ways except just by suns, as a reward for gameplay for example. There could be item caches at locations for each player in the Valley to find, or a specific location to visit for restocking that would recharge. The rechargeable location could be visited several times a day, but the cache is gone after it is claimed.

    *NEW ISSUE: Had a free chicken to pick up that would stay for 2.5 hours. It took me 1.5 hours to collect enough suns for fuel to get to the chicken, and, with an hour to spare, I went to the Valley and my chicken was GONE! Spawned chickens should stay for the time they say they will and not despawn early — DUH
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    Give me your Derby, i'll give you my Valley.

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    I'm pretty underwhelmed by the Valley so far.

    But I've noticed the Derby has gotten much easier the past couple of weeks. Well, kind of. There's TONS of 320 tasks now. Which means with small hoods, you end up with everyone tied at the end, and the winners either finished their tasks the fastest, or bought an extra task for diamonds.

    Maybe this is intended so you can do the Derby AND the Valley?
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    The only way I will bother with the Valley is if they lower the amount of tokens needed to refuel and get rid of the stupid truck break down feature. Oh and of course get rid of the irritating clouds😒

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midge123 View Post
    The only way I will bother with the Valley is if they lower the amount of tokens needed to refuel and get rid of the stupid truck break down feature. Oh and of course get rid of the irritating clouds��
    AND the irritating klaxon for us that don't care about valley quests!

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    I think the valley has great potential. I agree, clouds and broken trucks have to go. Major downside for me is not enough players to finish group orders. I have lost out on 2 chickens cuz all orders werent filled. And the chickens should be carried over to next season. I am looking forward to getting glitches fixed and above mentioned improvements. Derby is getting boring and only reason i am doing it is for permits. Getting fuel is pretty easy. My normal gameplay seems to get alot of fuel spins.

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    You can't ditch the derby if the way to earn fuel is to do tasks. Today and tomorrow, I have to do a task for 20 tokens. The others aren't worth the trouble. For all three days I will have lettuce to plant. Well, I don't want all fields taken up with lettuce all the time. And I also hate the clouds. If your truck breaks down, no one can find you because of the stupid clouds. It has some promise, but right now it's just too much to deal with.

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    Donít bother to spend diamonds on the broken down truck. I did. Took my diamonds and my truck was still broken.😡

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    I don't hate the valley but I do hate the bugs. I wish the tasks were a bit more challenging but playing seems like a fun mini game with in HD which I like after all the hard work I put into the maintaining my farm. I like that it feels like a break instead of another task.

    But my real motivation are the permits/puzzle pieces. Believe it or not I haven't finished my sanctuary or expanding my land. Funny how the only two features that require no active gameplay to complete are the last to be finished. My biggest complement to the valley is that it gives and active way to collect puzzle pieces/permits.

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