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    Exclamation Temporary fix for some issues!

    If the requests are stuck at zero, your fellow trucks in the map lose the tags, and some timers suddenly goes to zero, please quit the game and try again. If it doesnít help, try force quitting and it should resolve the problems. We are working on more robust fix for these!


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    The timer issue with my board is that the timer keeps resetting after the countdown - it counts down to zero then starts again at, for example, 25 minutes.

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    I spent 8 diamonds (4 diamond two times) to speed up the order time. The new order time didn't change (still needed to wait 20+ minutes) but the diamonds were subtracted from my balance. How do I get those diamonds back?

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    Hello, thought it might help with the Valley refinement process to report these. My truck has driven to a house with a chicken squawking on top. The request is for two chilli but when the accept button is pressed a picture of two bread rolls appears, saying the item is not available and it asks for diamonds to start the process. The chilli and the bread rolls are both available on my farm. Just canít load either of them.

    Last night my truck broke down, seemed to be fixed and then broke down again after two moves but appeared to have the timer start at the same point the last truck was fixed.

    Thanks for the update. Lots of issues to iron out but it will get there.

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    I have cleared my cache ( as support asked me too).
    I have closed Hay Day, powered down and back up.
    All my buildings are "refreshing".
    There is no one in my valley or if they are they are lost in clouds. OR the valley is just too massive for me to explore.
    Perhaps an indicator on the screen which shows me which direction to look for chickens, group orders, broken trucks.
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    is anyone working on a fix for the delivery timers? It’s very frustrating not knowing how much fuel an order and delivery is going to use, but it’s ridiculous when you have 1 hr 40 minutes left to deliver the package so you go to get more fuel but when you get back it’s timed out in under 20 minutes so you’ve wasted your fuel collecting the order as it’s no longer able to be delivered!

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