Mature English (#2UGOPLLY) is looking for a few active adult clashers from North American time zones for war.
Are you an adult who is young at heart? Do you enjoy continuous wars without the drama of children? Do you want to be in a clan with personality. One that has active donation and clan chat? Check out the donation numbers. We are very active. We are NOT part of a consortium of feeder clans. You will not be lost in a system. Do you want to be part of a good adult team that has fun warring all the time? Did I strike a chord with you?
We are an ACTIVE lvl 17 continuous war clan that historically was won about 80% of our wars. We have an excellent war team looking to improve steadily in a balanced war. We are fair play and do not run engineered or .5 bases. To war with us, you need maximum heroes from the PREVIOUS town hall. Mature English is drama free.
WE max clan games as you would expect.
We run a 30 man CWL team that is TH 12/11 with some 10’s rotated in. We have a second clan to handle the th 9 overflow that want to engage in CWL.
We support our clan with steady donations and positive feedback when desired, without ego or the antics of adolescence. We are 21+ only please.
WE are looking for TH 10/11/12.( or absurdly active th9’s)
TH 9: need to be very active to get to be a part of our core. We will support but there needs to be a desire to get to th 10 as a full strength th 9. CWl with second team.
TH10 : CWL on rotation
TH 11: CWL without rotation
TH 12: Balanced.
Come check us out. Indicate your age and location or say “ASK FOR ACE” indicating you actually got to this part of the message.
Please only 21+ in the clan
Our wars start at approximately 7-9 EST (Eastern Standard Time) ( 12:00-0200 GMT).
WE like Th 9, and lower th 10 to hit early in war to set plate for the upper tier.
Join us and in message type “ ASK FOR ACE”.