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    Cool Hay Day: The Great Bake Off!

    To celebrate Hay Day's 7th birthday, seven Hay Day YouTubers met in May 2019 in Helsinki, Finland for a special event - a real Bake Off Competition!

    See our content creators put their decorating skills to work to recreate our special 7th Birthday Cake! Sharing aMOOzing moments and lots of laughter!


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    I am watching this! It was in-game.

    😂😂😂The Great British Bake Off this is not but I am thoroughly enjoying it! We even had the obligatory “mean judge”.

    Too much fun!
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    I had so much fun making this. Need to pay the camera man more to include me a little more in he video. LOL

    Thanks Hay Day and the team for doing it and my team Bee Have look forward to all challengers for title Master Bakers Cakers

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