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  Click here to go to the first staff post in this thread.   Thread: What troop/building/spell from CR would you like to see in CoC?

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    I would like to have some of these CR cards in coc, although just as a temporary/seasonal troops and spells. It shouldn't be a significant meta-changing troop though, as they're just temporary. I prefer original ones for permanent troop, of course with a new unique mechanics.

    My Ideas:
    - Royal Giant
    20 housing space, similar range with an archer (ranged), have about almost twice as much hp as a normal giant. The giant cannon dps would be slightly lower than a wizard, but with a lower firing rate, so 1 shot would have much damage to a building. Speed is the same as a normal giant.
    - Fireball
    Would be a good seasonal spell for a temporary time, similar to a lightning (2housing spell space) but slightly different. Deal a consistent damage to a 4x4 space, does 4x damage to walls. 3 fireballs won't take out an air defense (with reasonable levels), but actually does take out cannons and lower hp building with 3 fireballs.
    - Ice spirit
    Great for christmas temporary troop. 3 Housing space. Low hitpoint, similar to a barbarian, targets defensive buildings and slow them similar to an ice wizard.

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    There’s enough troops in CoC no more are needed, the more that is introduced the worse the balancing will become again and other troops will become neglected over time and cease to serve a purpose. Too many cooks........
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    CoC is not CR. We don't need CR things here.

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    I'll genuinely miss you guys. Stay Frosty.
    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyPC View Post
    CoC is not CR. We don't need CR things here.
    Don't be so grumpy. Next thing you'll be moaning that the Game of Thrones finale was rubbish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holps View Post
    Don't be so grumpy. Next thing you'll be moaning that the Game of Thrones finale was rubbish.
    But.... but... it was!

    Anyway, I could not even answer this question as I do not play CR. For the moment I do not want any troop/spell added to the game though, no matter what the inspiration comes from. Still plenty to learn, and after the last update the meta once more changed.

    But if anything, a Wildfire spell might be pretty amazing
    Or some Bran alike sitting somewhere under a tree in a wheel chair. Completely without any purpose of course.
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    There's no ranged defense targeting ground troop yet. So I would like to see something like the royal giant.

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    i think it would be fine for mega knight, prince, lumberjack, electrowizard or princess in the game to come. Rest is in the hands of god and supercell.

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    But well i dont support the idea of taking troops from cr. Instead i want supercell to introduce new troops or past event seasonal troops ( it would be great if el primo is reintroduced or giant skeleton.)

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    I wouldn't mind CR troops, especially if it gives us a new dimension to attacking.
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    How about we bring the whole CR over to coc and make it the third village? Cos apart from CR i know nothing more than the alphabet used to write the name

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