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Thread: Permanent Saved Attacks or Defense.

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    Permanent Saved Attacks or Defense.

    So, kindda like how we save our favorite base design, or war base. We could save our favorite attack or defense, be it ours - or one we observe. With the amount of youtubers that replay battles, this would be handy. Also, you could up the storage amount at the cost of gems - that way, devs could make a little coin off it.


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    Replays are not saved as videos
    They are saved as troop placements and building placements

    A "replay" is just a recreation of the live attack with the battle engine. (which is why it is slightly interactive, and you can zoom in so far)

    replays are removed after updates and maintenance that touches AI because the battle engine changes and the replays will not give you the same result.

    So, impossible.

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    rebel, you answered your own question: youtube

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