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Thread: ‼️Attention! Looking for active players for our new clan, The Cannivores! 💯

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    ‼️Attention! Looking for active players for our new clan, The Cannivores! 💯

    [Recruiting] The Cannivores | Required TH 3+ | Clan Level 1 | Casual/Farming/Clan Games/CWL/War/Friendly War | Independent

    Clan name: The Cannivores (#29YGP922V)

    Clan Level 1 But don’t be scared off: we’ll be warring often to level this up quickly!

    Clan Requirements: Any non-rushed Townhall 3+ unless otherwise permitted, preferably TH6-8+ but new players welcome!

    We’re an English speaking clan based in the US (mostly Colorado) but open to anyone.

    Come grow with us!

    Hello! We’re The Cannivores, a new laid-back, mature clan (created June 2019!) looking for active and friendly players. Donations are required. Some War and Clan Games participation required but we understand life comes first and ask to just let us know ahead of time if you’ll be busy for any events. We won’t kick you for taking care of your own offline needs first.

    War rules are hit your own number first, then you can attack any other number after the first 12 hours (unless preplanned otherwise). This is so everyone gets a chance to get their first attack in. If everyone gets their first attack in before the first 12 hours, then you can do your second attack sooner instead of waiting. We do ask you use both attacks and do your absolute best. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. That’s what we’re here for!

    Clan War League follows the same rules as regular war. Token bonuses are for the top stars earned so do your best! We add everyone to CWL even if you won’t be an alternate/doing any attacking so you get at least some CWL tokens.

    We’ll also be working with other clans to arrange friendly war events once we have a decent amount of clan members to participate. This is strictly for fun and bragging rights!

    You don’t have to max out Clan Games every time but we do ask you to try to do what you can. Once we have more members this won’t really be an issue.

    * We ask that you be friendly and offer advice when asked.
    * Cursing is allowed since we’re all mature.
    * Clan chat is fine for chatting but we ask you to not spam it. If you want to take your conversations to the next level, you can use the clan’s official FB group or our official Discord.
    * Alt accounts allowed as long as they are active.
    * No hate speech.
    * No drama.

    Elder is for 500+ donations.
    Co-leader is for 2000+ donations plus longevity.

    We are actively recruiting on Reddit, Supercell forums, Discord and Global Chat, as well as any other place Clashers congregate. Recruiting will be continuous so we always have active clan members. We don’t want a zombie clan and neither should you! Where’s the fun in that?!

    Our goal for the clan is to have a place for Clashers to have fun, first and foremost. We’d love to become a tight-knit group of people who get along and enjoy this great game regardless of background.

    Our motto is basically: be friendly, be kind, have fun and kick butt!

    I’ve created a private FB group for clan members to chat in and strategize (or share memes!) for those who prefer FB, as well as an official Discord to be used for clan members to chat and strategize. The leader and co-leaders will have a private Discord channel to use outside of clan chat or the FB group for any issues that may arise (if any).

    Official FB Group:

    Official Discord:

    If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a PM or leave a message below.

    Now let’s clash!
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