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Thread: Share your Valley game-play discoveries here!

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    Share your Valley game-play discoveries here!

    Okay, I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and see what I can accomplish in the Valley in the "2D 5H" remaining in this abbreviated trial season. Here's what I've learned so far:
    • By tapping the gold location teardrops over the non-neighbor trucks, it appears that our neighborhood is playing on the same "board" as 2 other neighborhoods. I like that idea better than just having random other farmers' trucks on my board. It currently takes a while for any trucks to appear on the board when I enter the valley. When they do, they have a teardrop over them. I tapped those to learn about their neighborhood affiliation. The teardrops have been disappearing after a few seconds which is not helpful.
    • We (all the neighborhoods) appear to be helping each other. I contributed some apples to a group task earlier today. I was the first one to contribute, and after I did the clouds closed in. Apparently, the other apples needed were supplied by other trucks, because the Valley Shop counter on the "exclusive" tab says I have one chicken. I found another group task building and, again, was the first to contribute. Luckily, one of my neighbors was nearby and contributed. Since then, one truck from another neighborhood has contributed. We just need one more for another chicken. The bad news is that I need 50 (fifty) chickens to be able to access the "exclusive" rewards. I don't want a Valentine cake cart ( why on earth would that be offered right now?) but I do want the 3 permits. Doesn't look like I'll get them since 50 chickens in 2 days seems a bit out of reach.
    • As I drive around, the clouds clear in the area around my truck. I did find the fish shop I needed for a quest. I was able to get credit for going to the fish shop even though there wasn't an active task there. I got credit for the quest without waiting for the timer to bring up a task. Clouds close in over other areas as I move around.
    • I've been using the neighborhood chat to alert neighbors when desirable things show up in the valley. For example, one neighbor is not too far from a chicken nesting in the road. I know that chicken won't stay there long. Another neighbor didn't think she could contribute to the group task because she was out of fuel, but the task had popped up at the cinema where her truck was already parked.

    I'm ignoring what appear to be glitches right now. (For example, my neighbors' farms say the season is over and their billboards are blank while mine is still active.) I'm trying to just list things that seem to be helpful to my successful truckin'...I am happy to report that my valley truck actually looks like my Maggie-enhanced farm truck!

    I'm hoping other farmers have good tips to share. Bring 'em on! Yee-haw!
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    Just found out that I can't get my truck fixed through my neighbourhood friend. I was able to fix their truck but couldn't do the same in reverse. I even got my neighbour to go to the very spot I broke down. He can't see me. I can't see him. We did a restart and nothing. Same thing. Now I'll have to wait the 2 hours or wait for a good Samaritan to fix my truck.

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    A Whole New World

    First of all, the new update is evoking the above song performed by Lea Salonga and Brad Kane at the 1993 Oscars ceremony.

    After I downloaded the new update and logged in, the game told me that the season was over. It was a glitch because I logged out and logged in again and ready to explore the whole new world. It also happened on my baby farm.

    Glitches aside, the valley is indeed a wondrous place for you and me. Thank you Team Hay Day for taking me on a magic carpet ride with unbelievable sights.

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    So, I discovered that the group task is assigned to certain people, not just anyone. I saw the squawking chicken, but it wouldn’t let me see the task until I moved closer. 4 units of fuel later, I arrive at the chicken only to find that I’m not part of the group assigned to that task. I tried over and over again to fill the request, but nope. Apparently Only the three people randomly assigned to fulfill the task can actually do it.

    Obviously I’m not happy that I had to spend fuel for nothing. That is not what I consider to be fun, relaxing, and no stress play. ��
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    How to help others broken truck

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    About the only thing Iíve discovered is that the clouds cover everything. I could not find where I was to deliver my crates because the clouds covered it. Also was very difficult to find a black roof to visit as the clouds cover almost the valley. I donít understand not being able to know the direction you should be driving to complete your task. Get rid of the clouds please. Itís no fun not being able to see where you are supposed to be going, or whatís available to do.

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    You get stuck once your wallet is full because you can’t shop for15 hrs. I’m still at a standstill for another 8 hrs.
    If you take a delivery, it does show you where to go though. But I timed out because my wallet was full

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    Ok the clouds are awful, but I’ve “explored” away from the original exposed area, and the clouds have continued to stay away from the paths that I’ve taken. So the area without clouds is a lot bigger than it used to be.

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    I discovered pretty quickly that the Valley is not for me. I want to play casually, not on a time limit or with a fuel shortage under tons of cloud cover - stressful and frustrating for me.

    I hope others ultimately enjoy the valley though, because I know that Team Hay Day put a lot of effort in it!

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