Hi Hayday team,

I think there are quite a few things wrong with the valley update apart from having to wait so long to finally get there l now have the problem of full tokens without completing many tasks and now lím stuck as l am unable to spend them even when the selections become available.
There is no point in trying to navigate my way through the valley as l canít complete anything.
I also donít like the cloud as you have no idea where to go. There is also not enough information on what you have to do. Overall l feel the valley has not been thought through very well and for a supercell game l have to say that when l hear there is an update coming l dread what glitches we will get. I play clash of clans and their up dates are fantastic they have YouTube videos of the changes which are very informative, less downtime for the updates to come through and they normally donít have to go straight back into maintenance because the updates work straight away.
I have a screen shot of the tokens that l didnít collect and l am now stuck with and canít spend.
Overall Hayday l have to say this update is an epic fail and does not encourage me to visit the valley in the future if you ever get it running properly.
Very Unhappy Hayday player