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Thread: Attack & deffend ( legend ) 5000+

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    Attack & deffend ( legend ) 5000+

    I want this suggestion to be considered for future updates so it's better

    To Attack In the Legend League is quite good 1 day 8x but the one that is very disappointed is deffend 8x, according to me that 8x 1 day & 8x deff simultaneously (lots - trophy) From (+ Tropy obtained)

    Please reconsider the 1st day of writing ... I was legended for 3 days after a drastic down the number of trophies ... due to the number of defects from the att ...

    all clasher certainly has different skills - grateful to be able to flatten the enemy base and get +40 on the first / second attack

    If it's a 1 star? 2 star?

    Then we keep score Deff ?? Does Not Make a Load in the Trophy ... We in the Legend League sometimes there are separate events among others

    1. race trophy from a clan

    If it is necessary to return the tradition from our experts so that the situation improves

    Hopefully this advice can be well received by greetings from our clan clan baladewa
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    This effectively brings clouds back to legends and that's not happening. Every attack MUST also have one defense, otherwise we're right back where we started with hours of clouds. If you can't defend well then you need to either change your base or maybe you just aren't suited for legends. Legends is no longer about who can stay online the longest to attack. Defense now matters just as much, and that part isn't going to change.
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