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Thread: Glitch gave me way too many tokens

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    Glitch gave me way too many tokens


    I was in the valley today with the new update. I used gas to get to a spot and finished the task. Suddenly, the tokens glitched and just kept coming and coming. I now have 26 blue tokens, 798 red and 176 green. Awesome right? Actually, no. Now the game is telling me my wallet is full. I can't use my tokens to buy anything because I only have 26 blue tokens. I can't take on any more valley tasks or travel because my wallet is full. I can't earn anymore tokens. So basically, my valley is broken. Any ideas on how to get this resolved?

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    I have the same problem as you MashTun, 53 blue, 302 red and 645 green tokens, I cannot have accumulated these in the short time I played, I'm assuming it's the same glitch, let's hope it's resolved quickly.

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    It would be helpful for players if the store had a trio of (relatively useless) decorations that could be bought, each needing only red, bue, and green tokens. (Maybe a token-on-a-pole, for 100 tokens. Of course, this might be TOO helpful, making the resource balance problem trivial.)
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