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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilli59 View Post
    It really isn't "30 minutes out of your busy life". It is 8 times 3 minutes, which is far harder to organise than 30 minutes for people with busy lives. (Excluding requesting troops, training armies, donating to those who donate to you etc). You can manage it in 2x1 hour boosts or 8 segments, which means 8 times a day between waking, travel, meetings, family time etc.

    I am not complaining about it. 8 seems a good starting point, although it will be very hard for me to sustain on days I am on planes, watching sport, in meetings, going to the theatre etc etc (i.e. normal life). But please don't treat this as 30 minutes which anyone can manage.

    i think the point was you can actually spend less time in game ; before you would have to spend 30mins - 4+ hours (refreshing search every 30 mins) now you can cook your army while you are offline, jump on for attack and go... if a day is busy and time is more limited then a training potion would mean you can do all your attacks in a shorter time period if anything this makes it MUCH more possible to work around any lifestyle ; it is likely you will only get 6/7 defences some days too, so it is possible to do less hits and still progress - the shield freezes progression if absolutely necessary, but the changes definitely make Legend more achievable and appealing to a large number of people. I think 8 is a good point of being slightly challenging for most (as Legend should have some challenge) but not so much that it purely rewards being on all the time and using every hit ; it is a good balance where every hit makes a difference - you can celebrate 1 star defences, and kick yourself for a bad attack. With more attacks it would start to dilute the results as you would have more to get through. It is also good that Legend Pushers can now be more engaged in other aspects of the game likel clan wars and clan games etc. before they would spend so long in the clouds that any time not in the clouds felt like they were losing trophies. Now they can get their hits in, jump over to builder base and contribute to clan games etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zank44 View Post
    And I would rather have 10 attacks during the week and 4-6 attacks on Saturday and Sunday. Everyone's schedules are different, so a standard number of attacks per day is best.
    Totally agree I am finding that without boosting I have just enough time to get the 8 i but I feel pressured to do it, whereas 6 would allow me to be a little less regimented about it.
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