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Thread: THOT SWAT! Small but War-loving Adult Clan Looking for Active Members!!

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    THOT SWAT! Small but War-loving Adult Clan Looking for Active Members!!

    We are THOT SWAT#2980C29GV!!
    but what /is/ thot swat you may ask?

    We are a new but small group of friends playing clash of clans looking to expand our numbers and grow violatile in size (With You!)

    Thot Swat is a level two clan that was established only several weeks ago, however, we've been active in seeking loot and victory through our Wars! English-Speaking Adults who love to joke around and watch eachother's attacks, even rib at eachother and give plenty of fun loving Banter!

    We tend to war nearly all the time when its up, using war as both a way to gain experience and learn how to fight effectively at our town hall levels, while also having fun and actively contributing to the success of our clan!

    We are definitely not as high-strung as many other more serious clans are, but our main priority is having fun and being active, through donations and talking through our clan chat!

    We're most interested in those who can at least do two attacks around their town hall level AND will be willing to contribute to the Clan Games and eventually help us succeed in Clan War Leagues!

    So How do you know you're a great fit for THOT SWAT?!

    • Active in donations but also in requesting donations!
    • Seeking to Improve in Clash and through strategy!
    • Loves to help out in Clan Games and is active in Clan War Leagues!l

    So what are the requirements we're looking for though?

    • Needs to be a Town Hall 7 minimum, but no maximum! (Our highest Town Hall is an early Town Hall 10, our lowest active war Town Hall is Th7)
    • No Rushed Bases!
    • If you opt into war, using both attacks (No requirement to 'call' your attack, simply try your best!)

    Other than that, look to us if you want a fun-loving clan that's active and we'll love to take you along! We don't judge or look too harshly than what we need! <3

    So if you're interested, comment below! We'd love to send you a message to get invited in!
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