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Thread: Crashed Game

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    Crashed Game

    My farm just crashed along with my baby farm , they are in different systems , both say server not responding.
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    We posted at the same time - I’m crashed too

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    Not only has my game crashed today, but after this last update my phone is crashing. I am not a tech-savvy person. I do hope my phone is OK. I am so looking forward to learning this new game in HayDay.

    editing to add: I am trying to troubleshoot my phone problem. One thing that causes the phone to crash is a downloaded app that continues to crash, thus the system on the phone crashes, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrsp View Post
    My farm just crashed along with my baby farm , they are in different systems , both say server not responding.
    Update: I have freed up space and the app still crashes before loading is completed. I have also sent a support help request with all the requested information for the baby farm from my other device with my primary farm. Please help soon SC.

    After installing the update, my baby farm has crashed and will not complete loading through numerous attempts.

    I have gone through the whole tedious process of uninstalling, reinstalling, attempt to open, incomplete loading and crash, a complete device shut down and restart, again, attempt to open, incomplete load and crash, uninstalling and reinstalling.
    Although I had lost my baby farm, (once it went back to the brand new player farm start point), I thought maybe I could recover it, but I cannot even get the game to completely load, let alone get to the wheel to notify SC.

    My main farm is level 124 and Town level 35, and I am not a novice player. I have had problems before with a device when there is a big update rollout. I guess I should have ignored the rollout until they had the bugs sorted out, but I was eager to give it a go. I am hoping that eventually someone from SC sees this and helps me get my baby farm back.
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