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Thread: Daily Quests Time Glitch?

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    Daily Quests Time Glitch?

    My daily quests says "new quests in 24hr" and then when I looked again about 20 min later, it said "new quests in 10hr". Also completing a delivery doesn't always update to show you've completed it. Clearly some more bugs need to be worked out. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    Otherwise I'm really enjoying the valley. I just wish there was a way to see my barn/silo from the valley screen. I've gone to deliver something only to realize I don't have it after I get there. I also want to see the whole map without all the mist. How am I supposed to know what direction to go to get to the places in my daily tasks?
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    I have a house or two that said ready in 0s (zero seconds) but will not load up, the hourglass will not stop tumbling. Hopefully this bug will be fixed

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    I've had this glitch two on many of my buildings. It took around 15 mins after it said 0s to finally load.

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