Hi there! I'm Lesley, leader at HEARTS HELPING HANDS #PUJQ8COL, White Horse on Aqua Heart.

We are an international English speaking NH. We are friendly and helpful and ask the same in return. We are a fairly new neighborhood and would love to grow with dedicated players who play to relax, enjoy, chat a bit and hopefully win!

Derby Goals in order of importance
* Maintain Championship Level (must)
* Collect 3 horseshoes (must)
* Place in Top 3 (if we can we will, we are not and don't want to be a win at all cost team.)

We play every derby!

A Few Simple Rules
1. Preferred Level 40+ (we will lower if you’re a good fit)
2. No opting out of derby twice in a row.
3. MUST Speak/Communicate in English
4. Active Daily Players (maintain your farm, town, and stock items)
5. Be a Helpful, Friendly, Self-sufficient player
6. Chatting builds strong NH ties for some. Others prefer to work quietly on their farm. Both are okay. However, a quick, "Hello, how are you" only takes a moment. Not a requirement though.
7. We all try to say “Please” & “Thank You”.
8. We kick out anyone with 0 points at the end of each derby.
9. MUST complete Task.
10. Moochers, drama queens, selfish players, bad tempers & foul language are not a fit and will be removed immediately & possibly without notice.

If you feel you’d be a good fit we look forward to including you in our NH!

Lesley - Leader USA 🇺🇸

Good luck with your search!