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    After day one my neighborhood has come to the conclusion that the fuel restrictions ruin the fun so until those are removed we have no interest in the valley. Not being negative, just giving honest feedback. As with most of the updates it has great potential but sadly falls short, in my opinion. So our games will continue as before with the addition of a tacky billboard that the County slapped up along the highway to nowhere.
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    The valley update is terrible! I would have much rather had new machines and products. HD you bombed on this one!! Two thumbs down 👎🏻 👎🏻

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvHayDay View Post
    I just found my first chicken in the road, but it costs 3 units of fuel to collect it. If I thought the 50-chicken goal was reachable, Iíd do it, but itís clearly not. I have only 6 units of fuel left, and I canít do any of the the 200-sun tasks Iíd need to get more fuel. One of them requires derby tasks, which obviously I canít do, and the others are putting down duck traps and planting lettuce. Iíve been doing duck traps and lettuce all day, and by the time my duck spots and fields are ready again, Iíll have gone to bed. I could use a ton of diamonds to speed them up (which Iím guessing is the purpose of making the fuel situation so ridiculous), but Iím unwilling to do that. I think the 200-sun tasks are unreasonable.

    I agree that the duck situation would be better in a longer season, but unless the ducks appear a lot more oftenóand unless the fuel situation improves to the point that people have enough fuel to collect themóI doubt the season will ever be long enough. I hope Iím wrong, but that goal looks impossible to me the way the Valley is set up now.
    This is exactly what I am experiencing, with the same sun tasks. I donít think they considered people have jobs, and do sometimes sleep. The items in the sun tasks arenít reasonable at all. I hope they will be changing that aspect of the valley. Many people donít play except for a bit in the evening, this is not playable for those people the way it is set up right now.

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    I would've preferd a more interactive update. I personally would like to help more on peoples farms, like plant crops or get produce made while owner is away. Maybe have a board with tasks that need doing on farm, feed their animals etc. Be great within neighbourhood and also others as well.

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    Any new update causes issues and divides the I like it/I hate it camps. But this is defo the worst and I rarely post to be negative/complain. Issues for me:

    the clouds!!!!!

    the ridiculous number of suns for fuel

    cant see what each shop wants or where a fish or vegetable shop might be.

    Today and tomorrow I get suns for derby. But unless we want to come bottom in our league we have to complete derby today as everyone we are playing against have almost finished already. Or I can use duck/lobster traps that take too long. Or plant endless lettuces so I can’t keep derby and main farm ticking over crop wise. So therefore I can’t earn suns in sufficient numbers to get fuel

    i don’t have other trucks in my valley

    twice I’ve taken a deliver crate task, then my truck breaks down and task expires thus losing rewards AND precious fuel.

    No one has fixed my truck but then I’m the only one in my valley! So that was a waste of 4 hours. I can’t just drop in for a few minutes while at work to play because of this

    cant get chickens and only reason to play for me are for the exclusive rewards, especially scrolls!

    Why do do the quests keep changing? Mine have changed 4 or 5 times now

    Do we lose the tokens once the season ends? The huge difficulty in getting fuel, and the near impossibility to get chickens - I have 4 of 50 - defeats the object of the valley, so it won’t be used by me. There is no other use for the valley, and requires sooooo much effort for zero reward basically. Oh wait. I got ONE pickaxe for completing one quest. Was almost at the point of completing second quest when the quest tasks got changed! I get MUCH better drop rate of tools, bems, tnt etc by feeding animals and playing in the town.
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    To me it seems that the best strategy to collect tokens in the valley is just to switch back and forth between 2 buildings (or 3 if you have fuel to spend) and wait for that 4 hours to task re-apper. Of course those chickens and delivery tasks might require more moving.

    I'm still quite puzzled about those delivery tasks. Sometimes I can see a line of small blue balls (to show me the way?), sometimes not, and despite I thought I successfully delivered, I later got a message about undelivered items. Some kind of status or information tab would be needed for delivery tasks at least.

    1000 tokens seems to be quite limited amount but lets see how the shop works when it's opened.

    I see some potential here but at least for now it seems that playing the valley doesn't give you enough rewards compared to the time you spend (the orders are really simple in the valley though).

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    Ah I found the complaint section obviously. Even after maintenance I still get issues.
    1. Builds are still saying generating with zero time but nothing ever loads. After a while I seen new request in 29 min. ???
    2. When I first started playing it there were other trucks around me. Now there is never any other truck in sight.
    3. This is the major bummer that sent me running... the fuel reload gets harder each time which soon brings the game to a grinding halt.
    4. This one will burn most everyone out eventually. Tokens token do all of that activity for many tokens to be able to get 1 plank. I need around 120 planks for upgrade. So the reward for all of the effort is just not there for me.

    5. Have to say it was interesting at one point but it really too much distraction and takes away from the main Hay Day play. The valley does not seem to compliment the main farm activity like Town play does.

    For upgrade I was expecting some changes and improvements on what we already have, but I see none.

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    Dead in the water... and no fuel... again. So, last night I planted enough rice over and over to get enough 200 suns for another fuel spin this morning. 7 gallons of fuel. Whoopie. Truck broke down first run this morning, half way to sell an indigo and collect a few tokens. Seriously???? Lovingly, my wife cruised over to fix my truck, but in the process she ran out of fuel doing so. So now we both sit at the same building with no fuel, again.

    I now need 550 suns to get another spin, or I sit another 9 hours waiting for the spins to reset and hopefully get somewhere between 6-9 fuel credits.

    This isn't fun anymore. Yea, bla bla bla, it's only a beta test run. I get that.

    I give up. I can wheat or corn and get BEMs faster than trying to drive around randomly collecting little tokens to get ONE tape. Too much work for little reward.

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    Trying to figure out some strategy seems kind of pointless if the daily quests change midday.

    Also, the rewards seem rather underwhelming. 30+ truck deliveries to get enough fuel to make the deliveries, and the only interesting rewards are 1 BEM and 1 SEM per day?

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    Yup, I am actually done with this now. Was really excited, but with running out of fuel, truck breaking down and missing delivery times, plus the constant maintenance it's very quickly got frustrating and boring. I will opt out until things improve!

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