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    It hounds you to go there I took a delivery request had to get more fuel came back in a few minutes and the clouds were over the delivery area. I hope this is trial glitches and it will pass. I hope it’s more fun later right now it’s nothing special. Hate the clouds over the map, cataracts are enough clouds for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greencheese View Post
    Wow. I had such high hopes. But they are already mostly dashed.

    I absolutely hate the clouds. What is the point of them? Why not show us the whole board so we know what the possibilities are?

    9 fuel is nothing. You get to make about three moves with that. That's about a minute's worth of fun.

    I don't like it that the message on most of the buildings says you are too far away and have to drive closer. How are you supposed to make an informed decision about where you want to go?

    Most of all, I hate the stingy nature of the rewards. I have 82 blue, 122 pink, and 79 green tokens, after spending quite a few diamonds to put lobsters and ducks in the lake to get more fuel. That will buy me nothing I want! What I want is land permits but they cost 215, 220, 215! Beyond that, the tokens I have now won't even buy me one bem. Sheesh. Thanks SC.

    So much for being stress-free and non-competitive. There seems to be huge pressure to get to buildings before someone else does, because once someone completes the request, it takes hours to generate another one.

    And where are the chickens? In the preview I saw one in the road. Guess he crossed by the time I got to him.

    Finally, why is there no way to speed most things up, like buying fuel? SC, don't you want my money anymore?

    Several glitches too. I'm sitting at a building. It states "Generating new requests" and has been like that for awhile. I spent 5 diamonds to speed up the new request too. Several of my neighbors have the same situation. There are other buildings that don't show any message when I tap on them, they just shake a little. Plus, a neighbor is broken down but there is no message when you tap on the help icon.

    As a professional game designer, I wish SC had asked me or any other respected designer to help with this. It could be so fun.
    Couldn't agree more. Update was a big letdown ☹️

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    If you want to repair your teammates' trucks, you'll need to go the same area that they have probably already cleared. And to spend fuel for that. Not rewarding at all to co-operate.

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    Clouds are seriously annoying. Who makes these decisions. They got rid of clouds in Clash of Clans for players because clouds are annoying!!! So they put them in Hay Day?

    There must be someone who designs clouds at Supercell. And, there must be someone there who loves clouds.

    Need Operation Blue Skies - Hay Day Valley now.

    Also, what happened to all the players? There were like 4 on the Candyland board earlier. Now, there are none. They must be hiding behind the clouds or have no clue that there is a group building needing to be done because they are stuck in the fog.

    In the meantime, can you add a dark cloud mode like they did in Clash until they fix the Hay Day clouds. It is going to be so bright at night playing.

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    I was very excited ,but now with the getting fuel itís getting frustrating. I think if youíre allowed to purchase fuel with money or diamonds itíll be more enjoyable. Just saying.

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    This update was very disappointing especially for having to wait 6 months for this. Having to use gas totally makes this non-fun and stressful when Iím having to rush to get gas because little Timmy needs his package delivered 3 houses down, which costs 6 gas to get there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zetis View Post
    If you want to repair your teammates' trucks, you'll need to go the same area that they have probably already cleared. And to spend fuel for that. Notpl rewarding at all to co-operate.
    So its not good for neighbourhoods either. As a solo player I have been waiting an hour now for someone to help me. So do I take it that there is no reward/insentive for helping repair someones truck. If thats the case then this is just not workable. Two hour wait or spend diamonds 😒

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    We hear ya, and taking notes of your feedback! Keep in mind that the Valley will come in seasons which may be 3 weeks (or more or less) long, so it's not something you explore in one day. You can explore more by doing the needed chores on your farm, but as we have been pointing out - the Valley is not something you HAVE to do. It's for the fun of it if you wanna explore alongside your normal farming, Derby etc.


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    ...pruning my topiaries!

    Out of fuel and no prospect of a refill any time soon...

    I used my free Fuel-of-Fortune spin and completed my three sun tasks.
    • Fed 10 pigs for the first sun task spin (20 points to earn a spin)
    • Planted 25 strawberries for the second (50 points to earn a spin)
    • Deployed 7 fishing nets for the third (100 points to earn a spin)

    I got reasonably high numbers (6-8) when I spun the F-o-F.
    Now my fuel gauge is down to 2 and I need to deliver an order that requires 5. (No word before I took the order that it would take 5 to deliver it.)
    If I want to earn another F-o-F spin, I can complete more sun tasks. However, the next spin requires 200 (!) points. No way I can feed enough pigs, plant enough strawberries, and deploy enough nets for that. The nets and strawberries from the original sun tasks are already a big log jam on my farm, and there is no way I would have done them if there were a Derby in progress.

    Is there something I'm missing? If not, it appears that I am finished with the valley for the day--at least!
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    I’m sitting on the fence for now, but.... what’s the chicken head poking out of the clouds AND I’ve accepted a truck delivery and gone to where it needs to go, but when I tap the “deliver” button, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? I’ll worry how to collect the elusive chickens another day but I would like to deliver this order as it expires soon!
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