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    I'm stuck! My wallet is full (1000 tokens), can't reduce this amount by purchasing items because I only have 54 blue tokens. What do I do now? Help!!

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    I visited once, don’t think I’ll go back.
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    So let me get this straight. When the Fish Shop says “Sell me some of these” what it really means is “Give me” because I’ve sold to several different places and received no coins.
    I know it’s only one carrot but still.

    I agree with the underwhelm expressed here. That was the whole update?? Apart from some redrawing of the Boosters.
    Over in the Ideas And Feature Requests subgroup it lists under “Ruled out for the time being” — Mini Games. Lol. Well played Supercell!

    It seems like a lot of unfun fuss just to get a few expansion items or mining tools that I can get way easier from wheating.
    Not going to be joining the valley next time this thing comes up.

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    The tight restriction on fuel and lousy prizes make the valley not fun to play. I can play 30 seconds before I’m out of fuel. Also, I just redeemed tokens for ONE bolt. Really - ONE bolt?! I get better prizes waking my pets or growing corn. Oh, and the clouds and message that I have to drive closer to see what a building might need are super annoying! How can I strategize when it is set up this way? I’m finding myself driving around in circles. So stupid.
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    After the update and because of it I find my self playing less and less.

    Too much going on and I really dislike the made by toddlers for toddlers look of the valley.

    Time to look for another game I guess since this one clearly has passed its expiration date.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meonhoc View Post
    @Janilee: in the Valley, you can tap on other truck and send them Friend Request. Valley is populated by neighbors and random players.
    Thanks. I am not seeing anyone else in the Valley. I gather this is a bug others are also experiencing.
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    Personally, I'm finding this way too complicated, I can't be bothered with it. I'll wait until there's a proper FAQ by one of the game specialists or someone.

    It's just bizzare, clouds and fuel and tokens and chickens!


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    When other trucks are in the valley, Iím out of gas. By the time I can refuel, the valley is empty. And the screaming chicken is gone. We have 6 chickens and I have no clue how. My truck broke down and I spent diamonds to speed it up. It didnít work. My truck was still broken, no one came to fix it and Iím put a bunch of diamonds. Fuel is ridiculous and only gets me a short distance. Iím not even sure what direction to head most of the time. Thereís no way Iím going to continue to play as the fuel costs more and more suns. All of this and so far I bought one bolt. I get more just waking my pets everyday. Great concept but the execution makes it unplayable. Oh, and I hate that it wants me to do boats or derby to get fuel. I donít like to play either and youíve linked playing valley to more than just farming tasks or selling in valley shops.

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    Ok so just drove to a group task and clicked on the house where it said 2 chillis required.

    The complete button was greyed out so I thought I didn’t have enough chillis. Clicked the button and it said I needed 2 apples.

    so nipped to my farm to grab 2 apples and clicked the complete button where I then saw it deposit 2 chillis 2 apples and 2 bread.

    now where did it tell me I needed all this stuff. Another bug. How on earth this was tested I don’t know
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    I hope we're still on a trial because this is completely broken.

    I haven't read one post where the person knew what they were doing.

    It's far too complicated and they've delivered too much too soon

    I'm swearing at my phone/iPad to stay within forum rules!

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