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    Quote Originally Posted by meonhoc View Post
    135/250 here

    And during the last 2 days, I have seen road side chickens making their appearance every 2h30 near the last active truck, almost like a clock.

    Use up fuel in just one session might just be bad strategy. Players seem lost with the Valley not knowing what's the best thing to do. Communication isn't an option to strangers and even if ther is a Valley chat, good luck on speaking the same language as the others.

    I would totally love a FAQ before players give up on this. Even if some of us enjoy picking up chicken, we still have to place blind trust on strangers. That's some scary feelings to deal with.
    my experience has been similar, and using the following strategy we have 130 which puts us on track to get to 250 when season 1 is over......we log in every 2 hours or so just to look around, even if we have fuel we don’t use until we see the chicken pop up. When he does, which does seem to happen every 2-3 hours near one of us - I only have 2 other hoodies - we make stops along the way to pick up tokens to go get it. This way we’re making the most of our fuel usage, and snatching the chickens throughout the day. I don’t recommend hoarding 50 fuel or something.
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    I am trying, but I have only been able to farm half of the week. I don’t really know how things are supposed to work and what is a glitch.

    i save up fuel and work for spins and do the dailies and I see trucks, but nothing moves. I rarely see broken down trucks and the one I saw earlier was far away and in the clouds.

    I am not in this for the permits, but the prizes are underwhelming and the whole valley experience just makes me feel sad and lonely

    i see 90/250 chickens
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan1 View Post
    Many players in this thread have already basically stated that have given up on collecting chickens because the required count is not achievable cooperatively in the Valleys players have been placed in! Why did devs set the bar so high the first season? It really sets a bad tone with the expectation devs have of the players.

    Maybe chicken collection should not have been a cooperative task? Why not just task individual players? Based on the number of players in my Valley, each needed to collect 20 chickens in 21 days. So, why not make chicken collection a independent task? If a player wants to unlock the top prizes, they could collect the 20 they needed.

    This is like Clan Games in Clash of Clans, except if you are in an active clan who cares, the end prizes are very obtainable. Could you imagine if the CoC devs made/required outside clans to play together for clan games, and most of the clans were inactive/didn't care forcing the burden on 1 active clan that actually wants to achieve all the prize tiers? The CoC forum would erupt!!!

    To obtain top prizes, you are forcing players to play cooperatively with players who don't want to actually play cooperatively. CoC limited Clan Games to each clan - not cross-cooperatively with other clans. NO ONE, not even one clan (or in this case neighborhood), wants to carry the burden so other players who are not playing/care to play cooperatively can benefit with prizes in the end they did nothing to help earn.

    I just don't see how the Hay Day developers could not have seen this failed attempt for Hay Day coming to this end result. Maybe there was a glimmer of hope that it would increase the activity of players playing together? Meanwhile, there a millions of players who struggle to cooperatively reach global event grand prizes. We got the last cake just in the final hour of the last global event. I don't think cross-neighborhood cooperative play is ever going to work out. Most players do not care enough to make it happen.
    It’s especially senseless since we already went through this within our neighborhoods with the Derby prizes. The result was “opt in/out”.

    As I recollect, we did not make the global birthday goal. In a very smart move (for the first time ever) we were gifted the lollipop birthday cake in spite of having fallen short. I’ve never been able to understand the reasoning behind making the global goal for special holiday events a “challenge”. It’s challenging enough to reach the threshold for participation in the event. SC has made that threshold higher over time. Fine, but make the global goal reasonable. That model could work for valley chickens, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WussyPuss View Post
    I am trying, but I have only been able to farm half of the week. I don’t really know how things are supposed to work and what is a glitch.

    i save up fuel and work for spins and do the dailies and I see trucks, but nothing moves. I rarely see broken down trucks and the one I saw earlier was far away and in the clouds.

    I am not in this for the permits, but the prizes are underwhelming and the whole valley experience just makes me feel sad and lonely

    i see 90/250 chickens
    I’m having fun. I get as many gas cans for the day as I can achieve then I drive around in circles till I’m out of gas. I fill orders or not. Sometimes I find a chicken or a stick of butter (today) although I didn’t want the butter, it had been laying beside the road and I thought it was a bit sketchy. Anyway, my fun in the valley is just running out of gas.

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    Thanks SuperCell for the Valley and game play for expansion scrolls

    Like many others, I had become totally frustrated with the dearth of expansion scrolls available. My frustration was centered around the fact that there was no game play involved in accumulating them. I could only get them from derby rewards, and often I wasn't presented with any and had to use diamonds to get 1 or 2 - sometimes as many as 5 spins to get just 1.
    Now we have the Valley and expansion scrolls are available as rewards! This suits me perfectly - I can tailor my activities in the Valley to accumulate at least a few expansion scrolls. That was all I ever wanted - a manner of game play to achieve these rewards.

    So big ups to you at SuperCell - you have responded to the requests of many of us

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    I find the clouds incredibly annoying, but I discovered something interesting today. One of the most frustrating aspects of the clouds is that when I see a delivery request, the clouds often cover the building where the delivery needs to be completed, so I can’t tell how much gas I’d need to get there—or what the request at that building would be. When that happened to me today, I closed the game, and a couple of hours later when I returned, the clouds had moved and I was able to see the destination building and its request.

    I don’t think this has much practical value, because it’s not a great strategy to “stop playing for a couple of hours and hope that the clouds move in the right direction while you’re gone.” But if you’re at a standstill in the Valley and the clouds are making it unclear what to do next, you may want to check back later to see if the sky has cleared in that area.

    Of course sometimes the clouds move the wrong way and cover up something that was previously visible (even if my truck hasn’t moved). So if I see a building I may want to go to later, I take a screenshot. For example, yesterday I saw a shop I needed to visit for a daily quest, but I didn’t have enough gas to get there. And by the time I got more gas, the shop was hidden under the clouds. Given my fallible memory, I probably wouldn’t have found it without a screenshot of its location.

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    my wife who do not the derby (too much presence needed for her) is very happy with the stressless valley ... she gets permits also ... very happy.

    I'm too, i found a décoration that i like, but in the shop, must be bought by diamonds and here with token and i get 3 of it ... nice ...

    the valley in her state must surely get some adaptations, but it's a very good start for us (you in).
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    I have bought a scroll through the valley, and expanded that piece of land that I have been waiting to open for 2 months. I still wish that Hay Day would ALWAYS put a scroll in the 4th column in the derby. There are far too many weeks when the scrolls are just not to be found.
    I was hoping for better items in the valley, decorations we had not seen in a while, maybe something new.
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    My opinion is that the valley rewards, are designed to make you appreciate derby awards. In Derby you can get one, to two expansion scrolls in a week. In the valley I will do well to get three in a season, which is three weeks I think. The math doesn’t work for me. Fix The fuel availability, and fuel mileage issues and I will be happy.

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    If SC want to insist on the chicken colleting being a "group effort" (/blah), then they should add more chickens. I have still not come upon a chicken every day, and most of the times when I actually see a chicken, it is so far away, that I have no way of collecting enough fuel to get to it, before it is gone. So SC please add more chickens! Or lower the goal.

    Okay, that being said, I am not sure, I will be playing the Valley next time. However much I disliked the trial version, I promised myself, I would try it out. Well, now I have tried it, and the prizes are too shabby compared to the amount of time you have to invest in it and the effort needed. I still don't get the idea of this feature. I want something that adds to my farm, not something that messes it up, because I am playing for suns instead of farming.
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