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    Quote Originally Posted by meonhoc View Post
    135/250 here

    And during the last 2 days, I have seen road side chickens making their appearance every 2h30 near the last active truck, almost like a clock.

    Use up fuel in just one session might just be bad strategy. Players seem lost with the Valley not knowing what's the best thing to do. Communication isn't an option to strangers and even if ther is a Valley chat, good luck on speaking the same language as the others.

    I would totally love a FAQ before players give up on this. Even if some of us enjoy picking up chicken, we still have to place blind trust on strangers. That's some scary feelings to deal with.
    my experience has been similar, and using the following strategy we have 130 which puts us on track to get to 250 when season 1 is over......we log in every 2 hours or so just to look around, even if we have fuel we donít use until we see the chicken pop up. When he does, which does seem to happen every 2-3 hours near one of us - I only have 2 other hoodies - we make stops along the way to pick up tokens to go get it. This way weíre making the most of our fuel usage, and snatching the chickens throughout the day. I donít recommend hoarding 50 fuel or something.
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