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    I think one of the adjustments that will need to be made will be the result of those of us who will not bother with the valley - we won't be there to help collect chickens, or to help your truck if it breaks down.

    I do appreciate the positivity posts! They are so few of them that they are like a breath of fresh air! (This is not a dig at the negative posts - I'm all negative myself on this feature.)

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    The valley just brings frustration, it is not relaxing at all.
    We don't get enough fuel, it takes too much time to fill up again and the car broke down and I had to wait two hours to get it fixed.
    Suddenly I had so many tokens that the vallet was full, but I didn't have enough blue
    tokens to by the thing I wanted, so I thought I could use some of the other tokens to buy something, but no... I had to use all 3 sorts of token, the result was that I didn't get enough blue tokens to buy the expansion permits.
    I used to love playing Hayday, but now I don't feel like playing it anymore.
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    Very disappointed. I don’t see that it offers any more that town.

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    I have a question. My truck broke down today and I left it sitting there because there's no way I'll ever spend 20 diamonds to fix it. Let's say some kind random player had fixed it for me... how would I have known? Is there a notification? Presumably many people will not check into the valley while they wait 2 hours for their trucks to fix themselves. So why would anyone waste fuel driving to a broken-down truck if there's no guarantee it'll actually help the owner of that truck? Or is there an incentive/reward for fixing trucks?
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    Truck repair notification would be useful

    Quote Originally Posted by CottonTail View Post
    I have a question. My truck broke down today and I left it sitting there because there's no way I'll ever spend 20 diamonds to fix it. Let's say some kind random player had fixed it for me... how would I have known? Is there a notification? Presumably many people will not check into the valley while they wait 2 hours for their trucks to fix themselves. So why would anyone waste fuel driving to a broken-down truck if there's no guarantee it'll actually help the owner of that truck? Or is there an incentive/reward for fixing trucks?
    Excellent point. Totally agree that truck repair notification would be very useful and, yes, would increase incentive to fix other players’ trucks! Getting some sort of immediate reward like an item drop would also be nice — this would increase the collaborative aspect of the Valley which would increase the enjoyment considerably and fit better into the HD ethic.

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    Agreed. Clouds are unnecessary frustration in a game (valley) that feels too rigged against the player. Like the tasks picked to earn fuel with--they seem possible. However, no need to have a spinner to make getting gas harder--just fill the tank once # of suns has been met. This is starting to feel like that horrible game gardenscapes which makes so many hoops to jump through there is no point to play to relax. Doing chores around the real house is more fun. Sure hope Hayday isnt going this attitude toward players. Always liked that HayDay was possible, that is didnt feel like the rigged games at a carnival... sadly moving toward that end of spectrum.

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    Hoping for improvement

    It has so much potential for an enjoyable addition to Hay is a cute valley ..although much attention is need on the fuel quests..they are to imposing should consider something less tasking to obtain fuel...
    Travel : not far enough ..causes frustration
    Getting enough chickens next to impossible ..
    Tokens: tokens are easy to get ..but being hinged on having enough chickens to open the big prizes (that you Have earned through very diligent play) is a top issue. You are forced to use these tokens to buy things you really don't to ..especially having enough to get the big one you want ..and then not to be carded over's just deal breakers for me ..I

    I won't play the Valley as it is is not worth my time...
    Really hope it is fixed !

    I play Hay Day everyday and love this game hope these issues are fixed all can have Fun playing!

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    Regarding the update, we have to remember they said this was just a trial run, and the "good" gifts would come with the first real season, which I would hope will start shortly.

    The problems I have with it thus far are really about the game play.
    1. What in heck is the constant hour glass "new task generating" bit that goes on forever even though the time says "0 seconds".
    2. The fuel refill requirements go from 20 to 50 to 100 to 200. Its not hard to use up fuel and 200 is nearly impossible to get to. Way too much of a jump, which says although you can "get free spins as many times as you like" they really, really don't want us playing there for too long at a time.
    3. There's a cap on the wallet. 1000 tokens. Also not hard to hit. I've bumped into it twice. At that point you're forced to spend tokens or you can't collect any more. Maybe in the real season the goodies will be worth it, but in the short one, they are not. At least in the test season, you can only buy an item once. Maybe that will not be the case in the "real" season. Bet so, though.
    4. As usual, the explanations are short on coming. What's the difference between a chicken head that screams exclamation points and one that does not? Timing or type of task or location, i.e. house vs road? No idea. Haven't had enough fuel to go get most of them, and the majority have been in the stinking clouds so no idea what they might be connected to.
    5. What's the deal with the houses? The ones that don't have tasks. Some don't do anything when you tap them, some forever say they're regenerating (why?), some are "too far away", and some have an actual time when a new task will be available. One of my hoodies thinks as anyone in the group takes a task from a house it is then off limits to everyone until the regeneration time is complete. True? No idea.
    6. We need either zero clouds or a map. Some of the quests say "visit a fish shop". Where? There's no way to tell, especially if its in the clouds. The clouds stink.
    7. The decent gifts don't open until the group has collected 50 chickens, and per the video even then it won't open until the season is finished. Since you also can't get over 1000 coins, I see being forced to either spend them and not have enough for the top level gifts or not playing any further and just sitting on them.
    8.Chickens. I think my group collected 8. I did find out the chickens belong "to the group". So if anyone finds one, it counts as a group total for everyone in your group. You're working on a group goal there, and that's what the chicken total represents. If the group gets to the total listed, the top level prizes open up. However, as we only get 1000 coins, that means at most we can only get one top level prize. I forgot to add up the total for the tokens, but they were very close to 1000 if not right on. All that work, can't even get to them until the season is over, and then you can only buy one? Seriously? Poorly thought out and typically chintzy.

    Once I finished the bar with the mystery boxes, there was no point in doing further quests. The last day was a waste for me. Had to get to 200 for a further refill, the tasks needed to get to the refill prevented it in the time left (things like throw a lobster or duck net in the pond which then takes hours to finish to throw another one in), not enough fuel to go anywhere, and not enough available to therefore build back up the tokens I was "forced" to spend because I'd hit the 1000 cap, and then of course the truck broke down in the final couple of hours of the game. End game needs a serious rethinking.

    Maybe all that's just because this is the trial run, but there is no way we could capture 50 chickens, and if I did, I'd stop playing when I hit 1000 coins because as I found out, if its towards the end you may not be able to replenish the kitty. Now that the season is over, it also appears the tokens don't transfer, AND as usual the amounts needed to do anything are lopsided. So, while I have plenty of the last two tokens, I'm short on the first one. A lot of wasted tokens.

    I don't hate the update, but I don't find it worth the six month wait, either. It feels like I'm playing a game for an 8 year old. I agree the graphics are toddler-like, and we definitely need a flag at the farm sign when someone in the group has a broken down truck. Overall, sorry guys, but the update is certainly not up to the level of the town addition. I wish you'd spent time really developing it instead of this whole new underwhelming experience.

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    Well I’m glad for that little trial. Now I know enough to just not join next time so I’m not spoiling someone’s chances of getting enough chickens with my lack of activity. I didn’t visit the valley more than 2 or 3 times each day.

    Really though I can see where it has potential.
    Being able to save tokens from season to season would be a big help. So you can have a good chance to save up for what you want. Like EXPANSION PERMITS!

    I expect SC to fix a lot of the bugs.
    In the meantime I enjoyed all the extra lettuce in the DD. <grin>. Won’t have to buy or grow lettuce for awhile.
    Interested to see what the next crop of valley season will be.

    I did manage to collect a duct tape and a wood panel although my booster never did show up even though I saw it flying towards my booster queue.

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    I see that a lot of the comments are filled with valid points of criticism about the valley, so I will offer my thoughts about how to improve the valley.

    1. The sun points needed for a fuel spin need to increase either not at all or increase by a fixed interval each time. Example: 50, 50, 50, 50... OR 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150...

    2. The sun points earned need to carry over to the next spin and to the next day. Sometimes it isn't possible to get the exact number needed for a spin such as when 3 points are given for feeding 10 farm animals.

    3. Remove the clouds. This would make it possible to plan your route to a building or to a chicken.

    4. Allow players to see building requests from anywhere on the board.

    5. Either decrease the number of chickens that need to be collected OR increase the length of the valley season WITHOUT increasing the number of chickens that need to be collected.

    I hope this helps everyone.

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