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Thread: Looking for a Neighbourhood - Level 51 Player

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    Looking for a Neighbourhood - Level 51 Player

    Hi! Iím a level 51 player from the UK looking to join a new neighbourhood! Iím very active and love to help and chat to fellow neighbourhood members. I also enjoy participating in the derby. Looking for a fun, helpful and friendly neighbourhood to join. Please let me know if your neighbourhood might want a member like me! Thanks

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    The Farm!
    We'd love to have you!

    "Miss Behaving - Time Out" is a well established, active derby neighborhood of 16 adult farmers in Champions League with 45 gold trophies and counting…

    Here’s what we ask for:

    • Minimum of 9 tasks at 320 points each. Max points for special derbies (400). 10th required if decorations are a prize for Top 3 placement in derby
    • Team players who are super helpful like us!
    • Minimum farm level of 50
    • Communication for derby boats, special derbies, english speaking/understanding
    • No shop raiding (buy no more than 4 items from a hoodie’s shop)
    • Play in the "town" and kick townies (aka jerks) on regular basis

    Little things we do:

    • You'll see us announce "Sale!" so hoodies get first dibs!
    • We announce when we kicked townies/AKA "jerks" for others to pick up. This also reminds others to check on the town.
    • We like to call out "derby" or "non-derby boat" along with "ad up" for boat crates. We are boat helpers here but you will also see us put an ad up with the boat helps so we aren't using up 'hood resources.
    • If you have a busy upcoming week, just opt out. We’ll hold your spot.
    • Save the drama for yo mama
    • Please make sure you say hello when you first come into the neighborhood... introduce yourself, kick up your feet, have a drink and farm with us!

    We are "Miss Behaving - Time Out" - look for the Blue cherries, Red background
    or tag #8L8VPYY2

    See you soon! Stella!
    Stella Sunshine of "Miss Behaving - Time Out", Tag #8L8VPYY2

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    Hi skelly, we're USA & UK based small but mighty! We do all maxed tasks! Your welcomed to join us!
    Good luck in finding your new hood and hope to meet you soon

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    I am level 69 and I just created a new neighborhood. I hope you join and we can grow the neighborhood together! I love to help others and play the Derby.

    Angelas Acres

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