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Thread: Joining the Valley...

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    Joining the Valley...

    Please wait...
    Please wait...
    Please wait...
    My iPad timed out..still waiting...

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    I got the same, and now it's expired....

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    There must have been a problem, and since it’s a trial run, I’m not mad at all. It’s a big feature, things happen. Good thing is that they planned this out and they paused it.

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    There are always teething problems with the big update, just have to be patient and try again later.
    Im glad they had the common sense to start will a trial.
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    idem, i prefer to wait and test it with a trial season very short and then have a real one.

    one, for the bugs like now, two, to learn how it works and be ready for the first real one ...

    but, i have to say, i'm quite impatient to try it ... look really good and addictive ... timeeater also i think ;-) ...
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