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Thread: Things Continue To Be Weird in BHB ....

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    Things Continue To Be Weird in BHB ....

    ok, so not only was the reset period somewhat off, with strange things happening to the cup count (see my other post)

    but in addition, BHB continues to see things happen that ought not to be!
    Latest example:

    My current Clan Games task didn‘t record the last attack in full. My task is to destroy 150 buildings, I did 50 in the first attack, then lost two battles and won the fourth, and my count towards the 150 went up by 1 building?!!

    And see the timer in the battle log saying how long ago the battles were? That‘s off too!
    The eleapsed time since the earlier battle is less than the one I just did....

    Have Fun

    EDiT: Cleared the clan games thing... it‘s not buildings, but wall segments, air attacks didn‘t destroy walls.
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    Lol now i'm wondering if i should start paying attention to tasks i'm trying to complete.

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    I’ve seen where things do not count properly for CG tasks in the past. I’m starting to think it may be the ‘net. It’s been acting u lately and it isn’t local or upstream per second, so much as something in the cloud.
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    I had something similar happen the other day for the event challenge as well (i.e., the 800% destruction for a BH gold rune). Looked at my percent after a few hits and it wasnt a multiple of the % that I earned in those hits. Either I got partial credit for an attack or there was a bug in how the % was added to my total. Not a big deal as I was able to finish it either way, but it was definitely weird.

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    also the rank board still buggy. SC should have fixed this ages ago...
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    Glad you noticed it was a wall challenge and updated your post! You might want to update the title though.

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