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Thread: Legend badge keeps disappearing

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    Question Legend badge keeps disappearing

    Hello there,

    the Legend badge behaves a little strange at the start of the new season now.

    At the end of the season i was at 4915 trophies.
    Today I logged in and I was surprised that I am offered 8/8 attacks, meaning I am still in Legend League (expected it to be for 5000 and above at start of new season).
    But that is not the problem.

    I was attacked today for -40 trophies while I was online. After the attack happened I got the Legend badge (expected it to appear only after a successful attack, not a defense?).
    When I closed the game and started it again few minutes later, the badge was gone again.

    Then I attacked someone, failed my attack, got the badge again.
    Again, after restarting the game, the badge was gone.

    Then I attacked someone again, this time successfully, got the badge again.
    Again, after restarting the game, the badge was gone.

    Also while I had the badge in globalchat: When I joined a new clan, in the clanchat and the members list I had no badge, while having one in globalchat.

    Not critical, but really weird.

    Kind regards, Arsaliz

    (Sorry if this issue has been reported already, didnt find anything through a quick search)
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    I have the same issue. Ended my night with 5003 trophies and woke up with 4 attacks; all attacks were 30% or more destruction; and 4944 trophies. The trophy lose was a little excessive.

    After that, I had the same experience as the OP did.
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    Same for me. I was over 5000 at the end of the season, then dropped to 5000 this morning. When I returned after work I was already attacked and I was below 4900. Now I attacked 2 times by myself, got each time the badge and after reentering the game, it is gone. Nit even the attacks were counted in my profile.

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