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Thread: Derby - birthday week

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    Derby - birthday week

    I'm surprised that it looks like there won't be a special 'birthday derby' this week. I thought there may be a special deco reward in the last threshold, or something of that nature. Unless there's a theme for this derby that is still to be announced 🤷

    I realise that the update is likely today & that has maybe taken all the focus right now for the HD team, but I just thought there may be some acknowledgment of the birthday in the derby as well as having the one global event.

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    I thought the same as you...didn’t expect a normal derby either but a birthday derby.

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    I was hopeful too....maybe a new event or a new-old event like a cake drag & drop? Even old birthday deco as prizes would have been good!

    Anyway, I still had a good HD week and I’m looking forward (hasn’t happened in ages!,) to the Valley Season 1 starting on Monday

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