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Thread: The Valley Map has been Completed.

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    The Valley Map has been Completed.

    The full version of the Hay Day Sneak Peek is now out.
    Added together you can see a sample of the new area in Hay Day.

    Welcome to the Valley.

    The Valley is the new feature for the 2019 update
    With this you can use your farm products and get tokens.

    Use the tokens to buy deco and resources for the farm.

    Some tips as we move into the update

    Save your game with player ID
    Screenshot your Game ID in Credits

    #hayday #R3DKNIGHT

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    Really waiting about that one, because something with no stress, collaborative and totally new, i find that very attractive ...

    i really enjoy to see what they have created now ... maybe it wouldn't be perfect, but it is something new witch is not just "décorative" like the sanctuary who changes nothing to the farm ... here, we have something that should really change totally the gameplay (or not) ...

    Let's see (please quickly) and trash after seeing it ... but for me, i don't think so, i really love this game where you can do whatever you want, derby or not, boat or not, truck, city or not, you choose, you play ... and if for any reason, tou don't play for let's say a week, nothing bad happens ... that's my king of game, and i'm still not bored at all with it ...
    Farm 144 ... Town 46 My goal is to have my level 150 with my town at 50 ... yeah crazy

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    I totally intended not to care about this update....

    But darnit, I care! I really do care! Ugh. And yay for maintenance this morning!

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