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Thread: Birthday Week Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aardvark10 View Post
    i just noticed the “lollipop cake” and I wonder if that’s an old graphic they had ready before the contest was finished? Weird, because I thought for sure it said we’d be getting Petey the peacock. Maybe we get the lollipop cake as a global threshold and the peacock as a personal one?
    When the winning cake was announced they said we would all get the newly designed deco of it for free.

    I think we will get the prize deco in this week's help event if we reach the global goal threshold. And yes, it appears to be a lollipop cake🍭🤷

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    I was surprised too when I saw the lollipop cake but honestly? I even like it a bit more dont get me wrong..Id be happy to put up the peacock cake but I would enjoy a peacock animal way more than the cake. Either way... awesome decos
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    Ummmm...what’s the deal with today’s offer of diamond packages without the usual decos? Could this mean that we will get them as threshold prizes during the birthday help event? That would be a delightful surprise. I can’t imagine anyone buying these “plain” diamond packages until we find out if there will be a birthday diamond deco offer.

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    Just to update... I cast 10 mystery nets and yielded nothing special \_(ツ)_/
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    Quote Originally Posted by WussyPuss View Post
    Just to update... I cast 10 mystery nets and yielded nothing special \_(ツ)_/
    That’s a shame Wussy! I’ve been filling all my spots with ducks & lobster traps to get Valley Fuel, so i’ll Put mine in another day

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