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Thread: Thoughts On Air Sweeprs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luicetarro View Post
    No TH12 3* air attack?
    Are we playing the same game?

    LaLoon still is the strongest airattack, followed by DragBat, if you can control the splash.
    Yup. On a run of 4 straight th12 triples in war (admittedly not spectacular designs), 2 lalo, 1 eddies, the other pekkabobat
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    Just there aren't as many different compositions, since there... aren't as many different air-troops.
    You can run all Edrags, Edrag + loons, regular dragons with, or without loons, mass baby, or all loons. With the lavahound as backup for those attacks, since they can't form an attackingcomp.
    But all of them are pretty strong. Mass baby is a niche in the meantime, but still one was able to push till legends as Th10 with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterEdy View Post
    I’m going to let the forumers far more skilled in aerial attacks to explain to you how to prevent it in all cases, unless you’re going against a base that is specifically built against Eddies - in which case, you should be hitting nex (if it’s multiplayer) or using different composition (if it’s a war attack).
    Without air sweepers, air troops would be too powerful. Air sweepers are part of the defense strategy: point them where you don't want air troops coming from. As an attacker, you should aim to come behind the air sweeper or take it out with a kill squad.
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