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Thread: Thoughts On Air Sweeprs

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    Quote Originally Posted by BIZmarkIE View Post
    Agreed. I also am not referring to their general use. They play an important role in defense and they hinder ED just fine without the loop. I am only referring to the times that the ED or up to 3 become caught on them. I don't think they ever intended the air sweeper to keep a troop levitating like that. The ED should retarget as soon as it realizes it's trapped behind the sweeper. That would keep it moving without changing a lot in the game.
    Wait, next you'll be telling me that my GW shouldn't be trying to help the AQ break through a blue wall when he can fly over to the last defense himself. Lol, it is what it is. I still think hero stupidity is worse than edrag stupidity. The battle machine is actually probably the worst. I swear his goal is to die on the battlefield unnecessarily.

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    I would definitely support an air sweeper nerf....I think there are 2 possible ways to go about it:

    1) decrease the "blow frequency" so basically less blows per unit of time makes extremely slow troops like ED to be able to move
    2) decrease the blow range (how far the air stream can go) I think this would be a better option as at least troops can make it into the base before being constantly pushed out without even getting a chance to to get to the first layer of buildings.

    by the way more than ED i think the range of air sweeper is more problematic with the healers in a qw attack...thats why i think decreasing the blow range would help as it will prevent healer stall right at the early phase of QW
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    There are traps/building that can oneshot certain troops, for example imagine 20 hogs destroy a lvl5 th12...
    Attackers just need to find a way around it, i think sweepers are perfectly fine as they are now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BIZmarkIE View Post
    Is it right for this trap to be capable of incapacitating multiple troops? Electro Dragons are so slow that there are times that air sweepers can catch them in a loop taking 2-3 out of the battle for the entire game. It's happened to me twice and it seems odd that any trap would be capable of stopping 2 30 space troops. Spring traps don't fling Golems.

    It's not a situation where this is breaking the game. It's only happened to me twice but I am curious if this should be correct for such a strong troop to be completely eliminated by a trap?

    This isn't whinning or complaining, just want to see what people think. No negative tones are required for you to post!
    Without aur sweepers, air troops is going to be OP, also Air Sweeper have a blind spot, not circle like other defenses, just try to avoid air sweeper, try to boost your troop by rage and haste, or use queen walk to destroy at least one air sweeper

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    If you were to weaken air sweepers at all, eDrag would become almost broken, while air would be broken. Simply put they are the major defence that effects them. Remember you slow down the air sweeper it then bluffs ALL air attacks.

    You mentioned Golems
    Have walls- which make a huge difference. Considering how slow they are. Weak they are. An eD can wipe out 5 buildings before a golem can punch through a wall.

    Golems can't hit multiple buildings at once. eDrag can hit up to 5. Which can get really deep into a base. This could eliminate an air defense and sweeper if they are placed incorrectly.

    Sweepers dont hit everywhere. Use a kill squad to take one out. Then attack from the other side. It is about strategy. I use air all the time. It just takes some planning.

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    Yes thats annoying but its all about strategy

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    I just wish they would make them so they flash on and off...being a player of a certain number of years I can’t see them most of the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andyk124 View Post
    I just wish they would make them so they flash on and off...being a player of a certain number of years I can’t see them most of the time.
    Haha totally agree! Would love if they were more visible ; also maybe if they had a build up like Edrag....
    the number of times I have dropped a freeze.... and it has got off one puff before frozen is infuriating... it seems really hard to time a freeze right on them. Or maybe that's just me? �� Otherwise I think it is cool how much strategy they add...
    maybe haste spells could negate their effects a little more when air is right at a building on a haste spell - it often resets Edrag charge or means loons don't drop their load even though they only move slightly.

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    I can't agree with you here. The sweeper(s) were a necessary addition to the game when they were released a few years ago as lavaloon was killing everything.

    Right now, you can do lavaloon, dragbat, or e-drags and have a shot at a 3 even with the sweepers in the game against certain base designs. Removing the sweepers would mean a direct buff to all those strategies.

    They would have to buff some other buildings to make up for this deficiency, perhaps by making bomb towers target air troops and have their explosion damage affect them as well, like the giga bomb does. They may also have to add more levels or effectiveness to air traps. Or perhaps more levels for wiz towers and archers (or just outright buffs to them, which would lead to buffs of ground troops). Realistically, that's too many changes to make up for. The slope is too slippery, and the nerf squad would have their pitchforks.

    Now, removing the sweepers but adding back in the freeze trap and shrink trap...that would make for some interesting, rage inducing game play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andyk124 View Post
    I just wish they would make them so they flash on and off...being a player of a certain number of years I can’t see them most of the time.
    This right here is a great idea.

    About the topic, sweeper are a necessary "evil" you could say. Without them, edrags blow away just about any base.

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