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Thread: Bonus Boat Crate idea

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    Bonus Boat Crate idea

    How about adding a bonus boat crate that you could fill but wouldn’t have to? Could be a mystery crate that is revealed once the boat comes in. Crate could ask for the items the normal crate requests never do such as jewelry, minerals, bars, honey, or wax. Would be optional to fill it.
    Just as idea.

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    I like this idea. Maybe have 3 crates/item boats give 2ish diamonds for filling it and 4 crates/item boats give 4ish diamonds. Maybe it wouldn’t have to be every boat though, to regulate diamond prizes a bit. Some could give coins, vouchers, or heck, even maybe some of the new currency - tokens. This is before the update, so we don’t know the use of tokens yet for those in the future who have it , but maybe those could also be given out?

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    Quite like that idea ...... could be called a diamond box maybe?

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    I would love it if the bonus box gave you something... like perhaps expansion permit scrolls.
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