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Thread: Need tips

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix1027 View Post
    Crystal league with goblins on dead bases
    This but they don't have to be dead. It helps a lot of they are. :P

    max goblins and giants first. I know they are not war troops but you'll need to get your AQ to five before you should war anyway. These troops will get you the loot to quickly max the rest of you base.

    forget trophies!

    Take 10 giants 10 to 15 even up to 20 archers but probably 15 with five wall breakers. A jump, get it to two ASAP. Rage, heal, amount is your preference. A golem in the CC if you can get it but giants will work. I might take a pekka if I couldn't get a golem but I can always get a golem so not an issue.

    Do not use the CC troops or spells on most raids. Just use the goblins, boost your barracks only, not spells or heroes unless you have too many training potions.

    Keep he goblins at the front of your que. Attack again almost as soon as you finish your last attack.

    You can often make 500K each of elixir and gold EACH with a raid. You will get dark along the way. Possibly not huge amounts but significant dark too. You can do this with goblins alone and it will cost you only about 30k or less.

    You will lose a lot of trophies.

    Use the giants and spells on really poor bases. Those that are boxes with no compartments or all the loot in the center area or any other base with loot concentrated in one area and with at least 400k BOTH gold and elixir. Sometimes I will skip those just because you have to recook troops and that will slow you down. However, it is fun to three-star a base with goblins and I often do.

    Whenever you see a TH outside of the walls, kill it. I often do it with one goblin just to give my troops time to cook. This gets you a few stars back.

    When loot becomes poor, you might have to raid with heavy troops and get back up high in crystal. I often like to start in masters because I know I'm going to fall. Loot will get harder to find low in gold 2 but more nexting will solve that too.

    You can max out a base doing this and do it quickly. I have a near max TH11 that will do this the next time it raids.
    With another engineered 11 today in about 2 hours I got enough elixir to upgrade my freeze from four to six. That was 17 million elixir. I had two books of spells. :P I went from level 4 freeze to level 6 in two hours. And my attacks went from not so good to much improved.

    Barch if you really want to one star but goblins is MUCH faster.

    I meant to include something. You have to be in masters/champs to make money with expensive troops. Then the league bonus will help. Getting there might cost you quit a bit of loot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix1027 View Post
    Crystal league with goblins on dead bases
    This. Easiest, most effective strategy.
    Switch to gibarch or loonion when trophies get too low.

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    As others have said, I recommend lots of barch/goblin raids but will add that you should concentrate on DE to start blasting out hero levels asap. Heroes are at the heart of the TH9 grind and the earlier you start, the easier it will be when you start approaching max. That said, if you're already worried about how "expensive" TH9 upgrades are at the start, you're going to be in for a shock as you progress (even with the TH9 20+ hero levels).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minsarul View Post
    I m a new Th9 and the upgrade cost are so high. I need tips to upgrade it quick pls help
    Really? You can today maxing th9 deff just with collectors include walls. Want faster? Boost you friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minsarul View Post
    Any farming strategies?
    I like a nice cheap army consisting of 16+- Giants, 5 or so wall breakers, the rest archers... 3 heal spells + what ever other spell you like. Get good at launching giants, break them in with wall breakers, heal them as needed, and follow them around with archers (archers do all the work but you need to insert them 10-15 at a time behind weapons that are targeting the giants). Stay in high gold low crystal and you will find plenty of dead bases and also some juicy live ones to hit. you will blast through walls since your builders are always tied up!!!

    You will find that the expenses are not the issue with TH9... It's the crazy amount of DE you need to max that base. On my mini I went to 10 before all my dark troops were complete and my king was 21 or so (queen maxed). At 10 I get more DE than I can use and king is always down with queen upgrades occurring in between.

    Your stay at 9 won't last too long but it is a great place to max walls, all elixir troop upgrades and your favorite dark troops. Hit next! Pounce on 600/600 "dead whales". And remember to leave one builder available for walls.

    Good Luck!!!
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