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Thread: PEKKA Glide BH9 Attack Strategy

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    Or... use harsh language everytime I'm 3 starred whilst shouting "it's the nerf winds blowing damn it." Man, I missed your posts Noc! Good to see you back!
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    Base design is catching up. There are a couple of common bases now that eat up Pekka glide. Fortunately on those you can revert to minion drop.

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    So what do you look in a design that tells you it’s an anti pekka hog base?

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    Bases that contain walls that funnel the pekkas is the primary tactic. Rectangular bases that are closed are an easy three star usually. Another tactic is strategically placing the push traps to force a Pekka into the base. The power of the strategy is everyone working together. Lose a Pekka to the middle without the support troops and it won’t do much.

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