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Thread: 🚨🚨 the active farmers are recruiting and now have space for new farmers!!! 🚨🚨

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    🚨🚨 the active farmers are recruiting and now have space for new farmers!!! 🚨🚨

    Recruiting farmers !!!!
    The Active Farmers

    Welcome to The Active Farmers!
    Champion league neighbourhood, who aims for top 3 every
    Level 50+ (negotiable)
    Cyan boat wheel with white ticket shaped square
    Neighbourhood tag: P8PGR8RY

    Our leaders-
    C’s countryside (leader) level -112
    Gager’s farm (co-leader) level -74

    Questions to ask yourself-
    Are you an active farmer? Are you a derby person? Are you team player? Do you like to win? Do like to relax and have fun and chat? Are you a Chatty person? Do you like weekly prize draws? Do you like to win money? Do you love trading and big sales? Are you looking for an active derby playing neighbourhood? If you answered yes to all or most of these questions...
    Well then the active farmers are recruiting and looking for a Farmer just like you!

    Gameplay: 9 x 310 tasks.320 in special derbies. Communication & teamwork are a must! No drama in this hood!
    So come and relax with us and have lots of fun making memories! We are active helpful friendly chatty loyal & a derby playing Neighbourhood.

    Our neighbourhood website has all our information about our neighbourhood and much more!! Here’s the link down below!

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    still room for farmers to join!! We are a friendly group of farmers and can’t wait for New ones to join!

    kind regards,
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    Hi, I'd like to join, but my lv is 47, so if it isn't a problem and you lower it down for a while, I'd love to play with you!

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    No problem! yes for sure, I lowered the level!

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    The active farmers are still recruiting for active chatty farmers! If your one of them please join us.

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    We are still recruiting for awesome farmers to join our community called the active farmers if you are looking to shake things up or looking for a new neighbourhood. we are welcoming you to stop by and join our team!

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