How many times have you jumped into a new clan and realized that they have a bunch of war wins, but don’t seem to be warring a lot…Welcome to our problem at Legacy Rising. After our perfect 7 win CWL push into GOLD I, most of our th10’s decided that, like Mr. Miyagi before them, they were “farmers, not fighters…” Perfect! We just got reduced to a farm clam circa WE NEED SERIOUS WAR MINDED PEOPLE THAT HAVE THE BASES, TROOPS AND WAR STARS TO SHOW FOR IT!

We still will take you if you are active and farming, but HEAVILY PREFER war minded players!!! And farmers HAVE to participate actively in donations and clan games!!!

Also, if there are any clans out there that are heavily slowing down, but might like to get some new me for potential merger (email, or in-game, or Discord: PGA). Realize that I am not looking to build up another clan with the last few warriors I have left, but really would like to use the infrastructure of Legacy Rising to build; the website, discord site, and leadership philosophy of the original LR are what we offer.

While many clans will give max troops, or a promise of free leadership, Legacy Rising will do something more unique: it will allow members who demonstrate loyalty and have strong ideas a place to exercise those elder and co muscles. In other words, I listen to my members, elders and co-leaders on what they are looking for in a clan and help to make that happen. But there is no free lunch...check the website for promotional paths, and realize that nothing is given; promotion is earned.

Legacy Rising:

Players looking to join:
Discord Join link (please respond with your Gamer name, Gamer Tag #xxxxxx, age, Country):

Clans looking to merge into Legacy Rising can hit the Discord link (include current clan and your current player tag - leader):

Those interested Should consider:

  • Clan Games participation is key
  • Contemporary techniques for war (we also use our Discord to train people)
  • War or Farm
  • Engineering and regular bases welcome
  • Friendly but fairly quiet; good donators
  • Adult friendly -- adult language and attitude
  • TH9+ (th10+ preferred)
  • Decently developed bases on Offense and Defense (balanced) preferred but not required -- I figure that rushers eventually get it together, and can be useful in the clan while learning and building
  • Relaxed, free environment -- we will never push people to gem troops, or to spend money; nor does LR leaders encourage that type of game play. It is sad, but after 5 years of playing in many clans, at many levels, I don't know a single player with max heroes/troops/defense that doesn't spend hundreds, or even thousands on the game monthly; this type of expenditure creates a hectic, unreasonable atmosphere that puts emphasis on money, rather than strategy.

We offer:

  • TH12 run
  • Adult run
  • Organizational management: elder meetings, website, Google HO or Discord set up for clan organization and war meetings
  • Website
  • LVL 10 clan; double troop bump, war loot bonuses and 8 troop donation
  • Willingness to allow co-leaders and elders to help lead wars, plan strategy, and promote the clan...future is up to everyone, not just the leader

Thanks, and hope to see you clashing!

PGA LVL209 TH12 1300+ War Stars
PGA JR LVL 148 TH10 800+ War Stars