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    Lightbulb Edit Layout - Sandbox

    So I've spent a lot of real life money on my hayday farm, Which isn't an issue for me I see it as an investment. However I would like to suggest a new way to allow a couple of things to happen. My suggestion is to create a "Sandbox Mode" in Layout Editing, which will give the players access to all of their "Unplaced Essentials" as well as any other objects they have purchased in game that they currently own. The player then places and creates their farm with all their Essentials placed, and any items that they have purchased in game (if they wish to do so). But in "Sandbox Mode" you can place AS MANY objects as you like, regardless of if they require coins, diamonds or tokens to purchase them.

    So for example.

    I'm in Layout Edit Mode - Using Sandbox Mode. I've placed all of my essential items.
    Currently, I own 4 benches, 1 Hero Wicker, and 12 Trail and 0 Yellow Flower Bucket.
    I've decorated my farm in Sandbox mode, however I've paced 6 benches, 2 Hero Wicker, 17 Trails, and 1 Yellow Flower Bucket.

    I can then save that farm. However, I'm short of 2 benches, 1 Hero Wicker, 5 Trails, and 1 Yellow Flower Bucket.
    As I don't have them items, I CANT activate this farm, so other players can not see it. It's purely visual.
    When returning to the "Your Farm Layouts" menu, It then gives me the option to purchase the required items I need to activate this farm. Allowing you to save up your coins and tokens, and buy any diamonds required.

    Why am I suggesting this?
    1. It allows you to visualise what you can afford to do to your farm, with the coins and token you have earned, as well as let you visualise what you can afford to buy with any real life money you wish to spend. This is good for visualisations of what you can achieve with your budget.

    2. It allows you to visualise what you want before committing to buying a specific item. The last thing you want to do is buy an item and it doesn't fit in as well as you hoped.

    Please Comment your opinions and feedback below!
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    Hmm, I like that idea! It would really help those who like to design!
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