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    Book of Heroes in daily deals

    I just went to the trader in one of my accounts, and the book of heroes is being priced at 925 gems instead of 500. Was this price increase intentional on the update? I didn't see any mention of that in the teasers/changelogs


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    Hero book cost

    I have now asked few people in my clan and even on some discord servers and some of them have reported that the hero book costs 925 gems from the trader to them, but today i saw it on my own trader and it was the normal 500 gems, some people on the same discord server report the same. So why does it cost 925 to others and 500 to others?

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    Hero book SHOULD cost 500 gems, the one that was originally in the new cycle costs just that, the two other books that were REPLACED with a book of heroes should have also had the price replaced, but that was not done, or not done correctly.

    Since Thursday marked the start of a long weekend in Finland, we were happy one of the mods at least got confirmation that this should NOT be the way it is now [see the thread in General, comments from Kaptain Kat over there].

    Since it will take a maintenance break to fix it, nobody can say at this time if this will be fixed on Monday. We are hoping it will be fixed soon, of course

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