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Thread: Reworking O.T.T.O

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    Reworking O.T.T.O

    I think the new otto hut in the builder base is too difficult to do, im not saying it should be easy, but by the time you get your 6th builder, you wont need it because you are already maxed. Mabye it should be certain quests like ”destroy a mega tesla to get a part that is needed to build otto”

    Right now its too much of a grind and once you get it you dont need it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom1011 View Post
    ... Right now its too much of a grind and once you get it you dont need it.
    Correct if you base it on an assumption that there will be no additional content updates, ever! O.T.T.O may be more for preparation for BH 10. Make O.T.T.O unlock a BH9 quest so that a second builder will be available immediately upon BH10.

    I myself am prioritizing O.T.T.O unlock task above others. I believe by doing such. O.T.T.O can be put to use at BH9. For my Main Base, O.T.T.O. has no purpose yet. The 6th Builder on that base will not come into play until TH13. So I have pleanty of time for the unlock with that regard.
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    But you will need it. There will be BH10 i'm sure before we get TH13. In both instances, i'll need it.

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