Level 17 B2B adult war clan. League wars with regular wars non stop in between. We want members who like to war more than not.

We have members from all time zones so there is always someone on to donate for raids or war, talk about life, your ex, sports or the weather ha.. always have time to help teach the latest attack strategies and to practice by fc.

We max clan games within the first few days, every time.

Donations are filled extremely quickly. We do not keep a donation ratio bcuz it's honestly hard to donate - the requests get filled so quickly.

We use discord to communicate and the app IS MANDATORY. We have an add free version of clash track for your optional use.

We are currently looking for the following:

NON RUSHED BASES, NO ENGINEERED, NO .5s ... fair competitive play.

Th9:: with 20/20 heroes

th10:: with 30/30 heroes

Th11:: with 35/35 heroes

Th12:: 45/45 heroes

Please let me know if interested.♥
TakeoverLegendz #8R9RUQUG

Say skittlez or forums if u decide to join
My discord name skittlez#2329