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Thread: Back door update

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    Look behind you!

    Legend league experience so far

    It has been up and down for me but i know the problem is me. Yesterday Got 4 single stars, 2 low 2 stars and 2 perfect stars. But i figured i only got hit 6 times yesterday (the sixth a few minutes to the end of the league day).

    Who else didn't get 8 defense?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocube06 View Post
    Been waiting for affront or wotan (my 2 fav forumers btw lol) to create a thread about things we see now but was not announced in the last update.

    3d warden was not announced
    Goblin mode looks bigger

    What else u seen that was not announced? Loving the new legend league rework SC big S/O to u guys 
    3D warden was announced, may be not the way you call announcement like in SP or update notes, but as far as I know, it was known that we're getting 3D warden in this update. (if I remember correctly, Darian also mentioned it, making it official statement)

    Goblin mode looks bigger? What does that mean? Change of UI makes things look different. Since they already announced attack UI is going to change, it includes change in how goblin maps look as well.

    I would like to see other good un-announced changes though!

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