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Thread: New TH10

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    New TH10

    Just reached TH10
    right off the bat i got lab, Spell Factory, CC, 1 dark barrack and 1 army camp going.
    got all the walls down and to lev 7.

    I have enough medals for a hammer of fighting and enough dark elixir for witch upgrade.
    Probably using the hammer on Bowlers. (8d 12h as compared to witch 9d)

    BK: 20
    AQ: 22
    Agreed rushed the heroes
    didnt build new infernos, bomb tower or xbow.

    So whats the play? Please advise me on what to do.

    Also suggest me a base because im quite clueless for one without infernos as of now

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    Invest in miners, that means all barracks upgraded and miners to lvl 3. Best thing you can do for farming dark.

    This base has served me well. You can add the infernos when youre ready.
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