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    Reasons why the new Legends league is awesome

    As usual the only people getting attention is the very small percentage of people who complain(usually about everything) so I wanted to make a post saying how great it is.
    Here's 5 reason it rocks:

    1. No clouds. Pretty obvious but these last 2 days have been so much more relaxing.

    2. Attack with limited time. Prior to the update I decided to drop from legends because I would sometimes only have 30 minutes free and no guarantees I'd even get a base. Not I pull out my phone when I have a spare 5 minutes, do the attack and fill everyone's CCs, awesome.

    3. No worrying about Shields. It was so annoying, stuck in clouds all day and couldn't get an attack then realizing your shields going to end at 2am and mess up the next day so go to bed annoyed. I feel like I've been released from constant worry about the bloody shield.

    4. No worrying about loot management. Goes with #2 n 3, base never being attack so can just let the loot sit and pumps fill up without worrying I'll get hit and lose extra loot.

    5. Finally see where I'm really ranked- before rankings were based on free time not skill(Yer still realise there's still some skill involved). But next season it's all skill(bit of luck), time to give it a real crack.

    Great work supercell I think my wife will also be happy I can just play with the kids without me looking at the IPad leaning against the wall 😆

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    Can push and donate in one day both things. For me that best gift.

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    I agree, especially with #2 and #5. So happy it has been updated. Before I saw information about it on Deathsquadsgame. Didn't expect it!
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    Well.... from many of the posts it would seem that 5. is now more about luck of the draw than 'skill'...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JusMe View Post
    Well.... from many of the posts it would seem that 5. is now more about luck of the draw than 'skill'...
    That will settle out over the next month as those easy to get trophies on attacking and poor defensive attacks on your base wither away as folks move out of legends and as you migrate upwards where the competition will get harder pretty quick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JusMe View Post
    Well.... from many of the posts it would seem that 5. is now more about luck of the draw than 'skill'...
    For the first few days of each season, luck will play a large factor. And for those in the lower reaches of Legends will probably continue to do so.

    But for most it will be mainly about skill.
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    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
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    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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    Hopefully by next week, the Majority of Clashers will have had enough time to “Absorb Everything” they’ve Read & Seen regarding Legends and found a way to Adapt to the Changes.

    It was never going to be “Perfect” for Everybody but I’m very happy with what I seen so far.
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    #2 and #5 are both making this game much better for me.

    Sort of covered already but, #6 knowing you won't lose CC troops while offline.
    There is still the training wait time but just being able to go do something else and come back when a have a few mins knowing I can attack straight away and the CC troops will be there is just so very much better. Great job SC.

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    I agree with all these reasons, great to see the players happy. Just that they could have done this much much earlier, it's not that this is very very complex solution, it was suggested by MANY people since LONG time, and they implemented after all these years! Yes, you all can defend them on this by all arguments you want, like it's simple after you've seen it or they need to think about many other things and many other solution to see which one is more efficient or whatever other arguments you have. My sole opinion is it could have been introduced long before.

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    Its so funny how some still think skill is main factor.. it was explained with detailed examples why free time will still be the main engine of legends league.

    Skill will be involved only when player did all 8 attacks each day over the season.
    Take the 1% who are in legends, out of those take the small percentage who can actually attack every day (many have lives, jobs, kids, family trips, weekends) missing a single day drops you so much that you have no chance to be in top again.

    And now you can say at the end of the league that out of this (probably 0.3%) of the player base skill was a factor, for the rest its irrelevant.
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